UFO activity over Guelph, Canada 29-May-2013

Interesting video of a mass UFO sighting in the sky above Guelph, a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. This was taken on Wednesday, 29th May 2013.

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  1. That has to be something militarily coordinated, otherwise it would be considered an unidentifiable invasion… 🙂

  2. was there any noise? what the hell are these things?? there are other videos on this site with the same type of flying objects. one of them is at night. these "mass military craft get togethers" sounds strange and it's nothing i've ever seen in any sky anywhere, even at an air show.

  3. I'm always skeptical when I see soo many orb's "floating," as opposed to them being propelled, along the same trajectory. I'm inclined to say their either something military or someones having a good time freaking people out with balloons, laterns etc…. . However, it's purely speculation. always wonder why we never, or very rarely see police and/or military aircraft

  4. These Chinese lantern videos are getting tiring, please screen these obvious hoaxes before you post them. Thanks.

  5. mass ufos 18 i counted i believe there trajectory is a star type symbol of there location in there universe dont think its military ununiformed great video though im assuming the way there spread out in the sky is an alien thing like crop circles are designed lots of orb like ufos been filmed worldwide the western technology isnt that far advanced ?

  6. Seems to be balloons.. Someone had a wedding party or some sports event somewhere where they let go of a bunch of balloons. You notice they all drift together with the wind, no individual movement or formations.

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