VIDEO: Unknown lights hovering above Gilroy, California 28-May-2013

Latest UFO sightings – These bright objects were seen and filmed in the sky above Gilroy in California on Tuesday, 28th May 2013,

Witness report: I walked out my front door after hearing something outside my window. I looked across the field and observed 3 bright light low in the sky NW of where I stood. Luckily I had a camera in my truck and ran to get it. I then filmed 3.30 minutes of the objects hovering. They were in a triangle shape and move together so I thought it was a single craft until the one to the farthest right made a path to the north and disappeared. Then the one to the left did the same. Eventually the one left also did the same.
I watch the sky often and have never seen aircraft in this area like this before. I walked back inside to look at the video and heard a couple jets fly over. Now it is pretty silent. Oh, also, while I was outside the neighbors horses were acting very strange.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. i live in glasgow scotland seen identical too these on 12th of may 2013 at 10.20pm pure yellowish in colour woith an orange circle around it the outer ring would turn red then back too orange but the internal of object completely yellow people besides myself were watching it also it was about 150 mtres up going at an average speed it then changed into a sphere like shape shot quickly over glasgow

  2. What the hell.Past year all you see are colored lites or orbs.No real outline of a craft.And so far Calif.Area 51 isnt to far from Calif.Florida is a hot spot.I live in north central Fla.Wellborn.140 miles from the Atlantic.130 miles from thGulf.Ive live here for 4 yrs.Keep looking.See 0 ?why.Maybe some see them and some dont.I still think the USAF has things they dont want you or me to now

  3. Ilive in Santa Cruz and saw them as well. While I was staring at them, someone pulled up in their car and asked me what they were. Sighting confirmed by a complete stranger.

  4. I witnessed my first real life ufo encounter , and now foundout my city is very active , I just go outside at 11 pm every night and spoted a handfull sightings

  5. I just saw the same thing this evening in Gilroy at 8:30 PM. Three orbs of redish orange color. Floated with no sound then went from East to west. They accelerated then vanished. Any word what they were?

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