VIDEO: Cigar-shaped UFO above Solingen, Germany 28-Apr-2013

This next video was filmed in Solingen, Germany, near the border of Belgium and Holland in Netherlands on April 28th 2013. It looks like a cigar shaped object flying slowly upwards.
Although this one doesn’t really look like the classic cigar shaped UFO. If you pauze the video you can see it sometimes looks more like a saucer than a cigar shape.

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  1. you were just filming the rising moon and you caught a ufo out of nowhere! are you ever lucky! i know people want to try so hard to zoom in on an object when they see it but then we lose sight of an object that way. anyways it's quite a capture!

  2. if it&#39;s so easy to fake i&#39;d like to see you do that :)<br />this is as real as itt gets mister.<br />check out the original video and the original channel<br />

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