More Manitobans Reported UFO Sightings in 2012

More people in Manitoba, one of the three Prairie Provinces in central Canada, are witnessing unidentified flying objects  than ever before.
Ufology Research in Winnipeg released an annual UFO survey in the middle of May 2013. It shows a significant increase in UFO sightings with 124 in 2012 compared to only 81 in 2011.
According to the Ufology group, it was only in 2004 that reported UFO sightings reached over a hundred with 112 other than in 2012. The group has gathered data for over two decades now.
The same trend also happening across the country with all provinces had UFO sighting reports except for Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.
Canada gathered 1,981 UFO sightings in 2012, surpassing 1,004 sightings in 2008. Chris Rutkowski, Ufology Research director, said that the significant increase could be due to better access to the internet in reporting UFO sightings and more military exercises in populated places.
According to Rutkowski, there were puzzling reports including blob-like objects and morphing shapes as well as traditional flying saucers. These UFOs had different colours including orange, blue, silver, pink, red, multiple colours and many more.
The witnesses also came from different walks of life including police officers, pilot and other credible witnesses.

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