VIDEO: Unidentified flying objects filmed over U.S. 20-May-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of a huge UFOs hovering in the sky somewhere in United States. This was taken on Monday, 20th May 2013 but the exact location is to be confirmed.

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  1. i wonder why that man at the end was telling the kids to "go along, get out of here". is he afraid? does he know something? it's a very telling image.

  2. "Somewhere in the United States?????" If you have nothing to print, don't print anything. Do not waste our time with this kind of trash.

  3. Chinese lanterns.<br /><br />Seriously, even if they&#39;re not, there should be some kind of rule:<br /><br />If your video only shows low flying lights in the sky, not moving around at all, drifting on the wind, don&#39;t bother to post it. It might not be chinese lanterns, but it probably is.<br /><br />I mean seriously, anyone filming near my house on the 4th of July would see like 15 &quot;

  4. Ok…The way I see it is This kid was excited and sent it in before they gave it better details…The lights are not Lanterns for they are projecting far too much brightness in daylight and furthermore perhalps concidering the actual brightness of the objects was dimmed down by the phone. they are not flares for they dont produce any smoke…They keep perfect formation…They just add to all the

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