New video of a UFO entering volcano Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico – June 2013

volcano ufoNew daytime UFO footage recorded over Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. This one was taken in early June 2013.

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  1. the first two things went right over the mountain, you can see both of them on the other side. i can only suppose that the third thing went right over it too, we just didn't get to see it come from the other side. fake? I don't know. real? yes, real things traveled OVER the mountain.

  2. We've seen similar footage before as a cigar-shaped UFO enters the crater of the volcano. Perhaps these crafts are drawing energy from the heat or the elements created by this interior furnace.

  3. I've been told this is time lapse photography 2 min intervals….notice there is no cloud movement in the back or foreground or steam from the volcano changing intensity or showing signs of movement…hmmm even if its filmed in real time then slowed down in this video there still should be some cloud movement/change in the sky.

  4. From the canera angle it's hard to say if the object is going into the volcano or just going from view behind it.

  5. Just before the thing(?) enters the volcano, on the last shot,it looks like there is an explosion, or is it heat from the volcano?

  6. c.g.i fake any ufo going near this volcano in my opinion would vaporise with extreme heat i tend too question a lot of these popocatapetl videos seems unreal too me ?

  7. I can't tell if its flying over or into the volcano. UFOs near the Sun and near volcanoes in videos, I guess they need something that both provide.

  8. Para mi eso que baja y penetra en el volcán es real , no hay ninguna objeción, es una nave real, ahora pensemos que tegnología para entrar allí con las temperaturas altísimas que tiene el volcán. Habrá alguna base allí abajo ?.

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