Poll #46: Have you ever had a paranormal experience? An event you cannot explain?

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Have you ever had a paranormal experience? An event you cannot explain?
Start Date: Saturday, June 1, 2013
End Date: Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Poll #45: Do you believe extraterrestrials walk among us?

Yes: 90%
No: 10%

Start Date: Monday, April 1, 2013

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  1. yes,, many years ago very late 70's. driving home with my two young sons on a clear night. i think they were 8 and 10.. cresting a hill about 1/4 mile from our housing development. driving past a huge old oak tree . we saw lights above us.. not very high above the tree tops. there was a ship,, my first thought was it looked like a two story house , floating.. two rows of windows

  2. Yes. Right over our then house where we use to live over 10 years ago. It was the mass sighting called the Phoenix Lights. Right over South Mountain which was only 2 blocks from our home at 8:30 (after Seinfeld was over that night). In the western skies was the Comet and east from that and over us was this humongous craft. Our neighbors saw it too and were astonished as he worked for an aircraft

  3. Yes in Schoharie co NY.@ my 230 year old home.It was not a demon.Playful and friendly.Believe it was a little boy killed in the late 1940s.Played with my feet about 5 min:into bed.Never came above the knees.Took my glasses and folded them and put them on the foot board nice and neat.Took off a sock and never found it. Only in the 2nd floor main bed room.One and 1/2 years.Scared st–less for a

  4. @anonymous 6:44 pm, @Charlene Klemyk: The stories are very interesting and I have had my share of weird things, but I hope you placed your vote on the poll question at the top right of the screen. I have seen over 8 ufo's, floating orbs on my ceiling over my bed, two inch fairy over my dinning room right in front of my face, in the sky, weird lights of all kinds, and yet nothing ever made me

  5. My friend and I were driving through an industrial road in Otahuhu New Zealand about 10 years ago. It was dark but early evening, sun had just gone down.. We were driving past a big yard of demolished cars when what seemed to be a type of helicopter but with no rotors was hovering about 20metres above the yard. We slowed right down to look at it as we were both wondering what the heck it was when

  6. yes multiple strange events over the years,probably the 1st happened around the age of 8 which i still remember quite vividly, having just gone to bed i guess it would have been earlyish since i was still young. what sounded like a motor cycle passed and stopped at the junction outside the house. it seemed to be there longer than it needed to be considering it was a quite road, but the sound

  7. When I was just a young child an unusual being with huge eyes was hovering over me. I had been sleeping but for some reason I awoke to see this strange being and I immediately closed my eyes and was afraid to reopen them. Out of curiosity I did open my eyes and was relieved that it was gone. Then in my early thirties I witnessed a strange bright light in the morning sky while I was driving to

  8. I&#39;ve had several experiences I can&#39;t explain. From precognitive dreams to seeing an orb. The dreams are what haunt me to this day though because I don&#39;t understand why I had them. Why and more important HOW was I privy to an event before it happened, and a tragic event at that.<br /><br />In August of 1986 I had a series of dreams, three in all. They were all about the same thing, a

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