Amazing UFO video filmed over Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico 30-May-2013

Another great footage of a UFO entering a volcano Popocatépetl, an active volcano located in the states of Puebla, State of Mexico, and Morelos, in Central Mexico. This was recorded on Thursday, 30th May 2013.

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  1. and what is that huge white light to the right, it moves just a bit to it's right? is this a time-lapse video sped up? i don't think so. no please, not another ufo/volcano film.

  2. This camera is set up by the Geological Survey to monitor the volcano. The things they are catching flying around are real. They are happening. They happen around the world and have been happening for eons. Guess when this thing blows and the camera catches it, it will be a hoax too. Wake up humans!! If you dont believe, why are you commenting on this site? Just checking out all the video

  3. I'd have to say, this ufo appears to me. As to fly past entrance of volcano. Not directly into volcano. Maybe it's the angle, that i'm seeing it from.

  4. Eons? Isn&#39;t that a million years? Where did that info come from?<br />I do believe there is something messing with our minds, and I enjoy this site in the hope that one time something really unexplainable will show up.

  5. Why do you assume we don&#39;t believe just because we are skeptical. I for one am not going to just believe everything I see on here, that would be foolish. Healthy skepticism is how we get at the truth. Wake up Anonymous, anyone who wants to can comment on this site. I think it may actually be a small plane or helicopter filmed in reverse at hight speed, it was originally coming from the other

    • Joeboken, I think you nailed it! I want to believe, but not just anything that is being shown. The video is on speed up mode with the moon moving slightly on the right. So you theory works for me of the plane or helicopter.<br />At least this is my take at it as well.<br />

    • your answer sounds logical! it can indeed be what you say! in fact this answer makes the most sense of all these ufo-into-volcano videos!

  6. hi, what i can say is that all those videos of ufo in that vulcano have been extremely well debunked a year ago by the ufologists and technicians here in russia, position of all the cameras around the volcano, time, way they hav been released from the staff, everything..conclusion was similar to what joeboken wrote, just much more tech detailed..simply nothing extraterrestrial, the person that

  7. What&#39;s the big deal in believing in UFOs? To each is/her own. Maybe some people are on this site to seek the truth, or form an opinion or just curious.<br />Nobody knows what /who UFOs really are, they don&#39;t have Cosmic Airlines written on their sides.<br />Could be someone/something messing with our minds, frontal lobe illusions caused by electromagnetism interference, Aliens,

  8. This is the Old Mayan ! The Anti Matter Maschine !<br />I have found a Video on my Video &quot;User sunlife13&quot;<br />Ufo The Old Mayan Anti Matter Maschine . <br />I think it is Real for the Mayan in Mexico at Popocatepetle.<br />The Legend of Popocatepetle is in 2013 Real !

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