Unknown lights recorded over Astrakhan, Russia – 2013

russian ufosThis video of a strange lights hovering in the sky above Astrakhan in Russia was recorded recently (in 2013).
Similar footage was taken on 25th April 2013 over the same region, here’s the link.

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    • Why why do you quarrel about?<br />The Mayan calendar has only existed right in 2013.<br />And I would like to stress that none of what is required to prove.<br />This is all by itself. See you around and see with your eyes what you<br />look.

  1. Yea …Theres not much for antone to say on this one..It speaks for its self. I have seen this exact object on another video. Just wish I knew how long this thing stayed and how it left the scene. Keep it comming!

  2. these are the same lights as in that other fantastic russian ufo video. only a totally different date! i love it!

  3. Well this one is pretty convincing, there&#39;s only one problem I have with it, the lights seem like they are flaming, they don&#39;t look steady like a regular light would be. I don&#39;t know, is this enough evidence to say without a doubt that this is extraterrestrial?

    • yes they look flamish. you&#39;re not going to say they are lanterns, are you? have you seen the other astrakhan russian video? it&#39;s spectacular and the same objects!

  4. def interdimensional crafts passing through our meagre little planet for water soil planktum we,re just an observatory planet when these beings seek raw materials not hostile in any way theres that many genuine sightings now around our skies proof of superior life forces in different galaxies they are the gods the ancients drew on cave walls who helped create our civilisation eons ago .

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