Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Talks About UFOs And Aliens

Edgar Mitchell stepped on the moon on February 5, 1971 and became the sixth of 12 man to do it. Out of the elite twelve men, only Mitchell has been very vocal about his belief in extra-terrestrial UFOs and possible government cover-up.Eighty-two-year-old Mitchell has a great reputation behind him. He completed his M.S. aeronautical engineering course at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School while on active duty as U.S. Navy test pilot. Mitchell finished his doctorial in aeronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a fighter pilot during Korean War. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 1970.

He started to devote his life to Institute of Noetic Sciences, which he founded after retiring from NASA in 1972. He later documented his experiences with mysticism and space in “The Way of the Explorer.”

When Mitchell was asked about his views on UFOs, particularly his experience regarding Roswell incident in 1947 during a telephone interview by the author of “The Right Stuff: Interviews with Icons of the 1960s” James M. Clash, Mitchell revealed that he was contacted by descendants of the original Roswell observers after his space flight. He said that among the Roswell observers who contacted him was a person who delivered the child-sized coffins to the Air Force containing alien bodies. He further stated that another notable person was one of the children of the deputy sheriff who was patrolling traffic around the site. He added that there was also a military officer not involve in the operation on Roswell incident talked about the discovery of alien bodies.

When Clash asked Mitchell the reason why the real story was not revealed to the public, Mitchell answered that it might be because the leadership officials thought that people were not ready to handle the truth.

However, Mitchell noted that the cover-up was not just military but it also included cabal of organizations that were more concerned about profit. He pointed out the invention of aircraft in the beginning of the 20th century. He explained that 20 years later, airline industry was born and it could mean a lot of money involved when it comes to space travel with control of UFO machinery or technology.

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    • Hear say, not proof of anything I'm disappointed in Mr Mitchell coming out with this tall tell stuff and he believing it and this crap about the air lines, wow ,we don't need ET to help us invent any thing! come on Mitchell wake up.

    • I thank God I get to hear and read about 1947 Roswell, NM Flying Saucer crash/retrieval. My favorite [true] story was about a Special Ops Nurse.Army Nurse Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. I heard credible hear say.A resident said he opened the door [to his work].There were two small dead Aliens in close proximity. He was ushered out. Eating at a Cafeteria, he first met Nurse Matilda.They

    • What a story! this Nurse MacElroy is a made up person for a book about The Roswell UFO crash to make money–its all fiction folks– there is no record of this happening and a so called interview with ET -COME ON–if you believe this you must believe the Earth can survive without the sun or people can live without air and water- WE NEED PROOF NOT SOME STORY ABOUT INTERVIEWS WITH ET AND WHAT MR

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