Best UFO sightings in July 2013

Video compilation of the best UFO sightings recorded in July 2013 all over the world!

– 5 Sphere UFOs Appear On NASA Photograph
– 2 UFOs Recorded Flying In A Row Over The UK
– Sphere UFO Recorded Hovering Over California, USA
– The Ohio Lights (Ohio’s Mini Phoenix Lights.)
– Fleet Of Flashing UFOs Appear Over Wiltshire, UK
– Bright UFO Sphere Filmed Floating Around Village
– Cloud Instantly Changing Shape Over Singapore

– UFO On Russian Security Camera Disappears
– Mystery Pyramid At Area 51 Nevada, USA
– UFO Sphere Descending Towards Land In Ecuador
– UFO Lands Close To Cyclists In Brazil
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  1. the last one, with the ufo near the cyclists, is very very good and very real looking! a great detailed daytime shot! what a weird shape, at first it looks like a plane but what the heck is that thing sticking up from it? would have liked to had been there.

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