Best UFO sightings in June 2013

Compilation of the best UFO videos recorded in June 2013 all over the world.

– Black Sphere Sitting Completely Still Over Bekasi, Indonesia
– UFO Spraying Out Multicolored Lights Over Auburndale, Florida, USA
– UFO Descends Into Popocatépetl Volcano Mexico
– Cigar Shaped UFO Recoreded Above Wisconsin
– Small UFO Next To Large UFO Over Rome, Italy
– UFO Traveling Down Road In Prokopyevsky, Russia
– UFO Collides With A Plane Over China
– UFO Caught By Astronaut During Mission
– UFO Recorded Outside Window During News Broadcast In London, UK
– UFO On Highway Cam During Earthquake In Mexico
– Strange UFO Activity Over South Carolina, USA
– Large UFO Appears Next To The Sun
– UFO Recorded Hovering Above Argentina
– Silent Triangle UFO Flies Over Fresno, California, USA
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  1. N.A.S.A.says it wont be long and they will land again.I believe they have a lot to give us if we let them.I have firearms unloaded.USN,US ARMY NATIONAL GUARD.Both Hon.They dont harm me/I wont harm them.Sorry but i am not worried.They wanted harm it would have happened long ago.D.Morris,Florida.

  2. WHAT was that one with the splitting ufos footage above that hotel?? i never saw that! that one was amazing! the messy video with the three ufos at 2:25 didn't reflect at all on the side of that truck. and the freaky one with the observing helicopter was very cool!

  3. It seems like every one of those was a fake. It&#39;s sad cuz I like this site. They should know better than to allow this crap. We are no fools.<br />SE<br />

  4. The annoying childish background sound only serves to lend an element of foolishness to every Authenticity needs no special affects video or audio. Grow up people.

    • How refreshing. A calm, intelligent person looking at the big picture. We are simply searching for truths. <br />I delved a little into exactly your point my friend, and formed a bit of an answer for that &#39;background sound.&#39; They are all recorded with good software and decent eq. But bad writing. Some sites and/or videos have music so bad, (not just doesn&#39;t fit bad, BAD bad) I x out &

  5. What a fascinating video … I’ve often considered that the heavens hare going through their frequency changes to for these times of new beginnings .. But not that their frequencies are so much as accelerating … but that their frequencies are bowing down because a new frequency foundation is being established and all facillated cosmic hosts must receive new signature codes of the Positive Positron

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