Somerset County Cigar-Shaped UFO Was Photographed By A Trucker

 A man sent a written report to MUFON about his paranormal experience in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The case is currently under investigation by the Mutual UFO Network.

The man reported that he was driving a tractor and trailer truck in south Pennsylvania when he spotted a strange object hovered above the mountain. On the time he spotted the UFO, he heard other truckers on CB talking about what he just saw. He thought the objet was far from him but still very visible. So, he concluded that the object was very huge. He said that the object was near to the Allegheny Tunnel but he was not sure of the exact location.

The witness managed to take picture of the UFO from inside his truck. His picture shows a cigar-shaped object. However, editor of MUFON Journal Roger Marsh noted that the UFO might have wings that can’t be viewed clearly because of the angle. Marsh is a resident near the place of the incident.

Days prior to the incident, there was a report about two glowing disc-shape objects having a white colour that were also photographed from a pub in Bracknell, UK. The UFO remains unexplained by investigators.

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  1. I see that other thing, but also think that the larger one looks like the clouds beside it. <br />So is it a cloud or is it something disguised as a cloud?<br />Aren&#39;t we all tired of these games being played by whatever is doing this? Why don&#39;t they just land and be done with it or would we be disappointed if they did to find out perhaps that they are no different from ourselves?

  2. more trick camera work if these are alien craft i have to agree with iceni comment they should land &amp; be done with it all maybe its new government craft test flying wanting public reactions ?

  3. im looking for anyone that familiar to a small town outside of Pittsburgh pa. Name : Unity , Local name “Cabbage Patch ” . anyone who remembers encounters form from 1960 thru till 1969 or 70.. I cant erase it from my thought for everyday that passes . getting worse lately , I’m 59 years old .and as I get old this flash back is way to old. I just want it to stop . but now I think it has returned . cant take much more of this ..alan

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