UFO Believers Want Confirmation Not Disclosure

Nick Pope, former administrator of MoD UFO Desk, has issued a controversial statement against MoD’s spokesperson David Clarke. Pope worked for many years for the British Mistry of Defence but now he attacked the government department that once supported him.Clarke had recently issued a statement that brought disappointment to Ufologists and extra-terrestrial believers around the world. Clarke said that after years of gathering reports, they do not found evidence of a UFO threat to UK and no proof that Earth was being visited by intelligent life outside planet Earth.

Nick Pope reacted to the statement that UFOs have no defence significance. He said that the statement is designed to deflect the public and media interest on UFOs. Pope stated that information on defence, security and intelligence are exempted in the UK’s Freedom of Information Act and the newly-available files had already been decided to be made public before their scheduled release.

Referring to the statement issued by Clarke about “no defence significance,” Pope said that some people would use the term “useful idiot” to describe his action.

Meanwhile, Ufologists and believers prefer confirmation from government officials about these UFO sightings to the public rather than disclosure.

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  1. people, don't be too quick to believe anything "nick pope" say's, once MOD always MOD, all this threat to security garbage, its fear mongering.

  2. @Anonymous<br /> Sarcasm will not make you any friends, evidence and good investigative work will. What investigations have you personally made ? How do you know that what you&#39;re being told is correct ? Just wondering, that&#39;s all.

    • I got all the friends I need. What you are being told is what has been deemed to be told. As far as sarcasm goes, I really don&#39;t care.

  3. Me,me,me,I,I,I,want,want,want. UFO believers want disclosure, it&#39;s happening. Now you want confirmation. Let&#39;s see, umm, mountains of reports and images, Truman/Smith. The superpowers already know what all this is about. I don&#39;t think they give a royal rat&#39;s ass what anyone wants. Grow Up.

  4. What would disclosure accomplish? Very little, because the majority of people would have a negative reaction. As is evidenced by the posts above, most human beings cannot communicate with one another, let alone conceive of a discourse with inter-dimensional beings. Push, pull, stop and allow. So what is your response when you want to communicate with another person but your intuition tells you

    • For those of us who have had a detailed close encounter (&#39;classic daylight disc/saucer)- and there is a significant number of us – confirmation and disclosure are unnecessary or irrelevant, as&quot;seeing is believing&quot; !

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