Daytime UFO activity above Los Angeles, California – July 2013

Here’s another great footage of a UFO activity in the sky above MacArthur Park, a park in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. This was taken on by UFO enthusiasts  Robert Bingham in early July 2013.

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  1. That was annoying to say the least. Our camera guy is more interested in showing us other people with their cameras in the sky than getting a shot off himself so WE can see. And when he does &quot;POOF&quot; ts gone. Figures<br />SE

  2. I agree. Nice shot of the people, with , incidentally huge lens on their cameras and that&#39;s the best they can do?

  3. Arse,, too interested in filming all the other people with cameras , than filming the UFO , Arse!!!!! , ARSE!!!

  4. it took you 40 seconds just to bring the cam up to the sky, then we see a white dot twice and very fleetingly. FAIL

  5. I Am sorry but 99.9% of this ufo is bull shit..01 who knows or who gives a damn.Get off the drugs and youll see nicer stuff?I have looked into the sky day and night for 66 years and ufo.No.You tube sees everything ,, you and i see knothing.ALL STAGED.Did we land on the moon(NO)MGM Staged.This is 100% crap.

  6. Here&#39;s another great shot? are u kidding?<br />Shot of what, photographers gathering? What an idiot who filmed this, and I wouldn&#39;t even show ur name &quot;Robert Bingham&quot;. OMG it&#39;s the worst footage I&#39;ve seen to date!

  7. Eeermm…what were we supposed to be looking at? I got a glimpse of a point of light.Weather balloon maybe?<br />For a &quot;ufo enthusiast&quot; he sure did a poor job of documenting whatever it was.

  8. pure amatuer photography countless crowd with cameras ?&amp; not one close up they probably have there own photography businesses or its a group from a local d.i.y meet 1 hour weekly too learn how photography works embarrassing too say the least sad .

  9. makes you wonder who runs this website. sure aint no ufo enthusiast. waste of time. look at the lady smiling. she is the only there that knows it a big joke.

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