Famous UFO Sightings In Pewaukee

A local man from Pewaukee claims that he saw a mysterious object across the sky above the area that moved slowly before it disappeared to his sight. The incident happened three times, making him wonders what he had witnessed.

The man says that he doesn’t have training to judge distances but he is certain that the object was very far away. Seeing the object from the ground, it appeared to be moving slow but the witness says that the actual travel of the object was very fast considering its distance from the ground. The witness states that he was very certain that the UFO was not a plane.

Strange lights in the sky have been witnessed by several people in the Pewaukee sky. In February, three strange orange lights were reported moving across the sky at a very high speed.

In 1970s, there was a report about a woman identified as Lori M. who claimed to have witnessed a UFO that lit up Pewaukee so brightly like a Christmas tree.

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