Huge bright light hovering above Naples, Italy 24-Jun-2013

UFO sightings – This new video of a bright unknown object hovering above Naples, the capital of Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy, after Rome and Milan, was recorded on 24th June 2013.Witness report: A very bright and large object appeared oner Naples on June 2013, The object appears to be releasing its own light and hangs in the sky. Recorders comments: this strange spot light appear at north east up to my town et it was before sun completly go was not a star because the day afther at same hour et in same weather the spot light it was not the end the spot light move slowly sense inverse to the rotation of planet..defnly i think this object up in the sky was , x sure a OVNI!!

Author (UFODisclosureIreland @ youtube)

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  1. its like an effigy of an angel or our lady ? strange video didnt like background music ? weird jumped all over the screen ?

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