Unknown lights hovering above Wiltshire, UK 9-Jul-2013

The two bright unidentified flying objects were recorded hovering in the sky above Wiltshire in United Kingdom on 9th July 2013.

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  1. Flares have parachutes. They may seem to hover. Then they go out. On the video one died, another was dropped [and lit up].

  2. They are hovering…It is a pair of Helicopters using hi-intense lights usually called…"Day" lights. sorry to disappoint…but your description of location is right in the middle of an RAF training area.

  3. Nice video. Strange how the lights appear and disappear. I will check out the rest of your videos on youtube. <br />SE

  4. If we follow the two latest comments, we may also end up to the scenario that they were indeed helicopters, filming the recently drawn crop circles… But with lights? They had 15 hours of daylight… Let&#39;s see also the other video of szlwson, maybe we will filter something out (or in…)

  5. My partner and I saw the exact same thing that evening from Butser Hill looking out towards Wilshire. we were completely dumbfounded. Watching from high up and far away, there is NO WAY they were helicopters. Kept changing formation into lines, then n shape, then random. <br />I would normally be trying to explain something like that for helicopters etc and not take much interest but it was

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