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Your UFO reports: 22nd June – 29th June 2013
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Antwerp, Belgium – June 29th around midnight
Black helicopter shifting to all kinds of forms.
Mostly triangles, different kinds of triangles with different light formations.
in the beginning you can see clearly that it’s a black helicopter and even hear it. Towards the end you can clearly hear the sound of a plane.
If you pay attention you’ll see multiple orbs flying by …
This is the RAW footage.
Filmed it yesterday night.
It’s 41 minutes of footage but i can asure you it’s worth it.
Rare sighting filmed by myself.

Youtube video link:

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Kingsport, TN – 6/29/2013 10:23 pm
Saw bright yellow light moving through the sky, too big and bright to have been a falling star. Made no noise, went through the trees and then disappeared.

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Berks County Pa – 9:00 AM Friday June 28
I was out in the garden at 9:00 AM and heard a jet flying over. I like to look up at them since we’re on a major traffic route and sometimes they’re low or big or small like private learjets.
It was up high flying west and leaving a contrail. But right behind it was a white ball/orb shaped object. It was about the same size but not a jet, not leaving a contrail and ball shaped.
It seemed to overtake the jet and both disappeared into the clouds after maybe 5 seconds. I went in to check Flightradar 24 and saw one commercial jet overhead but only one.
I looked on Youtube and theres a few that looked like what I saw, one was white orb UFO and plane where they show it moving into clouds.

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Antwerp, Belgium – June 26th 2013
I filmed some UFO’s before myself, even a few that were uploaded on this website. Only the camera was too bad to film some descent footage.

Got myself a new one now and i must say this is about the best camera you can get. First clear night and this is “one” of the UFO’s i captured on camera that night. Really clear and focused footage.

Youtube video link:

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Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440 – 6/23/13 22:45 CST
Last night 6/23 as I was laying down to bed I saw what looked like a red flare or firework in the trees across the street. I waited for it to explode and it didn’t it just kept moving up the sky. Then there was a second one lower int he sky, again I’m waiting for the explosion. Nothing I get up and look closer thinking they are floating on a parachute or balloon. When I see that the red is in the shape of a Diamond with evenly spaced white/yellow lights around its “y” axis. As I lost sight out my bedroom window I went to the back of the house an saw them still, I woke my wife who got out of bad looked and said “whatever”. I ran down stairs and out the back door. I didn’t hear anything from these things. Not helicopters not planes. I went back inside and grabbed my camera but by the time I got back outside one was done and the other too far away and by the time I set the camera for a night shot it too was gone. I posted on Facebook for anyone who was still up and in the direction the two things were traveling to look out for them. No one did and those posting now are just poking fun.

Did anyone else around Bolingbrook Illinois 60440 see anything??Did anyone see anything near Chicago last night?

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Rocklin, California my house – June 5th at 9:00pm pacifc standert time
so i was sleeping and i randomly woke up at 9 o’clock then i see this blue light right out my window travleing slowly then it gose past my curton thats when i got up to see it. and then saw nothing it disapered

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Fresno/Sanger CA – June 30 2013 11:12PM
I was outside swimming with some friends when I felt someone watching us. I studied the sky and to the left of me I saw a bright red flash of light and I watched as the object dimmed away until it disappeared. Earlier on that night I saw an orb as small as the stars just moving along the other stars. I thought it was just a satellite but I doubted myself after seeing the flash of red light.

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San Juan Capistrano, CA – March 2012, 5:45pmDriving South on the 5 Freeway heading towards my kids’ house in Oceanside, CA. Happen to see it while traffic slowed down a bit just before hitting San Juan Capistrano. Just like the photo I supplied, I first spotted it towards the top left of my periphereal vision. Then, I just zeroed in, and thought of course it was ufo, but in the split-second wanted to think it was a big metallic jet flying slightly towards me just its wings not yet visible because it had to be flying very very straight, and wobbily. The unidentified object in the sky never displayed its wings and was reflecting the setting, southern california sun. Definitely saw a hovering metallic sphere over there by those mountains by the base.

Regarding the photo I supplied, just the other day I happen to see that same dot in the corner of my eye while at work googling Coronado, CA home images.

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San Martino Canavese Italy – February 3, 2013
UFO was observed on the San Martino Canavese (Italy). A person has taken some photo on which she has then detected a strange object. Intrigued by the finding, she informed about the photos the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M.), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting pictures on the mail of official website, , and alerted the specialists of both research centers. The image analyst, has already started his data analysis on the three photos sent by the person. On official CUFOM youtube channel, , which can be seen also through the e www.centroufologicomediterraneo it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

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Front of House, Above Street Light – Middle of Sept.2012, Around 9:30PM
At Approximately 9;30 PM, Around the middle of Sept. 2012, I was walking back home from the neighbors house across the street When I noticed a strange, quiet, flickering/sparking light that looked like it was spinning (like someone had a couple of Sparkler Fireworks, and was twirling them around in a circular pattern)…I Immdeiately ran into my house and broke out my old, but reliable Canon Elura 60 Digital Camcorder and Recorded what you are seeing…Really, after reviewing this over-and-over, There are several parts of the video, where I kept seeing new things pop up…Like at the beginning, my Attention was Basically Drawn to the Thing/Craft that Happens to be “Splitting” into 3, 4 Orb Formations and those 3 or 4 “Orb Formations” seem to be Forming Geometric “Shapes” and traveling in that formation..Second thing I Notice is Slightly to the Left of that 1st sighting, and Immediately following in Succession, What Appears to be some kind of “Spiritual Entity” that Starts at the Top of the Tree, on the left side of the Street Light, and “Tumbles” downwards…At One Point in Particular, this “Entity”, if I’m Not Mistaken, Even Gets into A “Picture Perfect” Pose for the Video Camera! If you look Closely at it, and Freeze-Frame the “Pose” that this Particular Entity is In, You Can Faintly See the It’s Facial Features…,Particularly the Eye Sockets, Nose and Mouth-The Major Extremities..,I Tried to Follow it as Much as I Could, as it looks like it backed away into the Night(looked Very Tadpole-Like!)…Oh, and BTW it’s the “Thing” that looks Purplish in the Video..Trying to just keep Focus of this lil’ area of Sky, It seems like something in Purple, as Well places itself among the row of Light-Glare Circles; Only reason I notice this, is Because As you Watch the Video very carefully, You’ll See the Purple Dot of Light to be the Last One to Appear among the other Lights, and Also the First One to Leave As Well!…As this is Happening, you’ll Notice a Yellowish/Orange Orb of Light that Suddenly Pops Up from the behind the Tree into View, and Just Stay There…(1st Off, if it were an Airplane or Helo, it Would’ve Gradually come into the picture Gradually, Instead of just popping out from nowhere, and Staying right there where it was; By this Point, the Shape-Shifting “Thing” at the Beginning of the Video has moved Further Away, and to the Right, But I Focus up on it One More Time, and You can see it ShapeShifting Again, but at a Further Distance Away from the VidCam, and Under Focus, You can Still this “Craft” Flying Wildly, and Shapeshifting in the Distance!…*You Judge For Yourself*

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53 Berkshire close , Hateley Heath, West Bromwich, West Midlands B71 2AW – 25 th July 1997 : Time at 23:34 in evening
The weather was clear that night & not so windy, i was looking out of my bedroom window upstairs, i had the light`s off in my bedroom as i always did looking out , my bedroom was facing south, there are trees across the field at the back of my home and in the distance i could see street lights , i always looked out the window to look for planes flying over or helicopters, my eyes where fixed on some lights in the distance behind the trees , they was moving in a group of 10 to 20, as they came from behind the trees i could see that they was all moving at the same speed in formation but low level at 100ft to 500ft, the speed they was traveling is between 100 or 150 mph,the lights or orbs had a red center & yellow outer ring but the lights was not very bright & no other light`s like flashing navigation light`s that i could see from them, i noticed that the light`s was moving side to side from each orb but at different times, i could hear no sound from the orbs as they moved passed the side of my home as i would from airplanes or helicopters , when i lost sight of the lights i rushed from my bedroom into the front bedroom which was facing north which the light`s was heading, i could still see them moving the same speed and movements,they was still in a group with the zigzag movements, i could not believe what i saw that night & told no one else about the sighting till now, i was a bit skeptical about ufos till i saw them, i don`t know what they could have been, i ruled out completely that they was a plane or helicopter or even weather balloons & lanterns, nothing what i saw could compare to them, the whole sighting lasted about 2 minutes, i had no camera with me at the time so i had to draw what i saw on my pc

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