UFO Festival In Roswell

Fourth of July is all about aliens to many people in south eastern New Mexico. This is the day UFO Festival starts in Roswell. On Wednesday, the downtown area of Roswell became like an amusement park. Organizer of the festival Joe Vargas said that every year the festival gets better and bigger.

Vargas noted that the atmosphere is all about the annual UFO festival wherein people from around the world descend on Roswell. He added that hotels are starting to get full of visitors who want to experience the fun.

The festival holds carnival on Thursday and Friday is the main event. Many people in town share their experiences about the alleged UFOs that crash landed in 1947.

UFO investigator from Chicago, Don Schmitt, said that he started as a sceptic but transformed into 99% believer that a UFO with alien on board crash landed near Roswell. He considered Roswell as his second home.

He put the details of his Roswell incident investigation in a book that became bestseller. He also led the archaeological projects at the alleged UFO crash site.

Schmitt said that he is not only in town to share about UFOs but also to continue his investigation. He wants to make every final effort to track World War II people as they continue to pass away.

Not all people in New Mexico are fascinated about UFOs but one thing is for sure, the whole weekend is good for Roswell business as the entire celebration is expected to lure a good number of people.

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