Alien Mysteries – S01E02 – Stephenville Lights

On the evening of January 8, 2008, while sitting around a campfire on the outskirts of Stephenville, Texas with two friends, local pilot Steve Allen witnesses what he believes is the most beautiful sunset he’s ever seen – until that sunset speeds wildly across the night sky, defying all laws of science and nature. When the bright lights break into a series of hovering balls and two F-16s attempt to chase down the mysterious object, Allen and his friends are certain they have seen an actual UFO. Allen reports the incident to the local newspaper and learns that more than 60 people witnessed a similar sighting in the area, including local Constable Leroy Gaiten and two of his patrolling officers. Did resident witness a secret military craft? Or did they see an alien craft from the deep reaches of space? Only the US Air Force can shed light on the strange sighting — but their explanation only deepens the mystery.

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  1. Pretty interesting the witness that talked to Edgar Mitchell said he told him he saw craft on the moon. Ed mitchell has always denied he ever seen a ufo in his life. I think he is still covering for Nasa.

  2. This stuff is true. We are not alone. Don't fret because of the truth. There is just to much evidence to just deny that there is other life out there.

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