Astrophotographer Captures Interesting Lights Above New Jersey Night Sky

Astrophotographer Jack Fusco witnessed something strange while in photo shoots with stars, not from Hollywood but the Milky Way. His curiosity was in the highest level when he saw bright lights appeared one by one and disappeared slowly in the sky above Ocean City, New Jersey. Later, authorities approached him to know about his one of a kind close encounter. Fortunately, he managed to capture images of his sighting with DSLR Camera.

Jack said that he first saw some bright lights in the night sky appearing one by one and then disappearing slowly. He kept his camera moving and continued to observe the night sky. A few minutes later, he saw the same lights in a different spot of the sky and then a third time shortly after the second. He witnessed these lights in less than 20 seconds in each spot and then were disappeared.

After 30-40 minutes of seeing the lights, a cop car approached him on the beach and the officers started to ask questions to him. They asked what time he had stayed there and if he saw anything odd. After telling the officers that he witnessed something strange earlier, they mentioned about fireworks or flares above the ocean. Jack said that the officers seemed not sure about the identity of the lights and told him to call them if he saw anything else.

Amazing images were posted by Jack to his Facebook page and his followers immediately offered their speculations including Chinese lanterns, military flares, drones and UFOs. Jack ruled out the plane or helicopter possibility and there were comments from people who claimed they had witnessed similar unusual lights in New Jersey. Until today, the lights captured by Jack in photos remain a mystery.

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  1. seen these types of phenomena on ufo sightings cops probably got calls spotted jack with camera he was wise enough to photograph these lights or one large ufo craft true sighting .

  2. Lights appearing one by one and then slowly disappearing sound like aerial flares to me, probably released by the same aircraft to generate the "ship-like" curved contour seen in the pictures. The problem I find extremely curious is, it appears as if the flares first approach the camera and gain altitude, then the last three frames show the normally expected wind drift downrange to

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