Alien Mysteries S01E04 – Rendlesham Forest

Alien Mysteries S01E04 – Rendlesham Forest – UK (Including Hypnotherapy Footage)

On Christmas night in 1980, US Airmen Jim Penniston and John Burroughs venture into England’s Rendlesham Forest to investigate a probable downed airplane.

What they see defies description – is it a glowing orb, a classified military craft, or a UFO from a distant galaxy? The two men are even more mystified when they discover missing time and their memories don’t match up. Two nights later, while haunting visions keep Penniston awake at home, Burroughs and a team of men return to Rendlesham forest and discover more strange lights they can’t explain. The airmen report their findings to their superiors and are instructed to hush up their accounts. When a series of mysterious physical ailments turn Pennsiton and Burroughs to hypnotherapy for answers, they discover an unearthly explanation that pushes the boundaries of time and space.

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  1. There are some inconsistencies in this story. Apparently, the questionning officers had powerful means, to achieve their goals. However, they did learn about the existence and location of the booklet, which they could very easily grab. It seems also an extraordinary chance that the same guy would be the one getting to the phenomenon the second time (his colleague even falling to let him reach the

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