Daytime UFO caught on tape over Miami, Florida 16-Aug-2013

UFO sightings – New footage of an unidentified flying object flying across Miami, Florida. This was taken on Friday, 16th August 2013.

Witness report: I was observing this star-like object that I have reported multiple times and the I notice this “drone” patrolling the area, I recorded both with a Sony HD camcorder and when checking the footage I noticed that this drone does NOT have tail and does not have noticeable engines, but it have ant-collision lights. The footage shows that clearly. I got close-up footage of the star-like object using a telescope and that footage shows that this star-like object have structure and “eject” something from time to time.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. This might be an interesting video but I refuse to be subjected to the infomertials! If it continues lke this I will no longer view this site and I'd predict many others feel the same way.

  2. Throughout the entire video there is 1 decent glimpse of the "object". Too bad the videographer is so unskilled, could have been much better….

  3. an aeroplane waste of our ufo time just true ufologists know there there i seen an object shooting upwards then a small plane pity it wasnt recorded at a steady footage sad .im not put off this site by this just its bordering on the ridiculous now .

  4. its not the plane he is looking at here.. just after the first shot of the plane a strange white light floats up toward the sky and he losses sight of it. then when he goes to look for it the plane is all he sees.. so it must have shot off like a bullet..

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