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Your UFO reports: 10th August – 17th August 2013
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San Diego aproximately above Miramar Airport – 8/18/2013 12:30pm
I saw a black reflective curves wing falling from the sky. It was curved like an eliptical curved wing. It fell from the sky and moved in an angular fashion like a falling kite. Not going super fast. I have no idea what it could be. It was definitely not an aircraft or bird. Geometrically proper. Clear blue skies too. Don’t know.

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Fresno, California – 16-Aug-2013
date 8/16.13 time 4am. object in space from south heading north very high. clear calm early morning , sony trv-103 with night vision at about 15 times zoom.

Yotube video link:

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San Diego, Pacific Beach – August 16 9.45 pm
4 objects in a flame color, no sound and much brighter than the brightest star in the sky.
One had disappeared when recording begun.

The rest is in the video:

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Winston Salem, NC – aug 16th 2013
Bright ufo orbs fly across sky in Winston salem, nc
Video link:

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Antwerp, Belgium – August 15th 2013 around 22:00h
This is some realy good and clear footage of what people call “fake planes” These are the same types that also can look like a very bright Orb or flying saucer, whatever you wanna call it …
In the beginning you can see i was filming that Orb or flying saucer, then i moved on to one i saw comming on the left of where i was filming.
If you pay attention you’ll notive the same bright intens light.
He made a 180 degrees turn in a few seconds and came flying right towards me. This is some very close footage enhanced with some slow motion shots and still shots.
For all those people who don’t know or believe the “fake plane” phenomena. Please take a few minutes time to watch this and judge for yourself. Filmed on August 15th 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium

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Antwerp, Belgium – august 14th – around 03:00h
Saw this weird looking craft comming in from a distance, grabbed my camera, opened my window and managed to catch it on video.
I enhanced the video with some zoomed in slow motion and some snapshots at the end of the video. This is definitly no plane although it has also flashing red and white lights. If you look at the slow motion you’ll see the weird shape by the way it flashes it’s lights. It also didn’t make any sound at all. There was no noise outside, craft came pretty close and i didn’t hear a thing.
This was filmed in Antwerp, Belgium on august 14th around 03:00h

Youtube video link:

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Marion County, Texas – 8/13/2013 4am
saw 3 small lights that i thought were shooting stars at first. they stopped and started to hover. they were not right next to each other. they had a little bit of distance between them. they would move around erratiically and would periodically flash and twinkle brightly.Not only did i see them but my husband and daughter did too.

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Portland, Dorset – 12-08-2013 23:15
Very bright spiky white ball traveling at a study speed over Top Hill (Easton) Portland, in Dorset. Then shoot off sun deny to vanish in the night. 2 witnesses.

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Antwerp, Belgium – 12 august 2013
Black flying saucer or somthing else?
Filmed in Antwerp, Belgium on august 12th 2013 around 21h

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Dulwich Hill, NSW – 12-Aug-2013
This appear over the on the 12th of August, it was shot on a Samsung Galaxy Note II – confirmation that the EBE are on the web and we have their attention.

This photo was taken just outside the compound of ETE on dusk in the CBD of sydney, it is not possible to film stars but anything in the west sky with a low orbit will have the sun reflecting off it hull on dusk and be photographed by any standard camera this is an 8MPX for example.

Clear sign that on the internet you are not alone!

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Las Vegas, Nevada – 8/10/13 8:30pm
On August 10th 2013 at 8:30 pm. A fleet of UFO’s (total of 10) were spotted Northeast of the Las Vegas Valley. As they entered the valley they started to hover then blinked out. UFO’s were bright red in color. Had to switch to night vision to capture. These are the same sightings as in Pittsburg.

Youtube video link:

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Miami Beach – August 12 – 11 PM
Have you have any report of a UFO over Sunny Isle/Surfside/Miami Beach Yesterday night?

My wife and I saw on clearly around 11 PM. It was red/orange. It flew from the coastline over Sunny Isles heading South, over Surfside, seemed to go down. then it seemed to go up turning toward west. I became very very high and then suddenly (I mean very very sharply) it vanished. It was nothing I know on earth, I observed it for around 40 seconds through binocular.

Someone else saw it?

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South Los Angeles,California 90003 – August 10.2013 7:14p.m

Hello,Everyone my name is Jessie Contreras.Basically, I was out in my backyard looking towards the sky searching for u.f.o’s when i noticed this peculiar object. At the moment not making quite much of the situation i took several photos and later on during that night I went inside.After revising the images I realized the extent of what i had captured on film…a inter-dimensional being/entity occupying what appears to be a booster jet-pack emitting flames… the pictures speak for themselves…anyways take a look!Hope, you guys Enjoy!Peace, Love and Respect!


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Clarion, PA – Friday, ‎August ‎02, ‎2013, ‏‎10:38:56 PM
me and my friend nate has seen this ufo several times in the past 2 months. sometimes itll just hover other times it’ll dash around frantically. this is the only video i managed to take. if i would have started taking the video sooner i would have gotten it alot closer to the ground

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Clarion, PA – august 2nd 10 PM
me and my friend has seen this ufo several times in the past couple months. it usually moves really sporadically however it does occasionally remain stationary or moves slowly

Youtube video link:

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UFO in Historical Everett, WA – 11:30 pm Pacific Time
“l think I just saw a UFO” A bright orange red pulsing for about 8-10 seconds in the sky and it went east in a matter of two seconds, and then it disappeared. It just shot off leaving a streak behind itself! We are close to the Port of Everett Washington. The Everett Navy base. My wife then went to the bathroom looked out the window, and believes she saw it so we went outside She filmed it and put it on youtube. We could see it with the naked eye but we were not able to see it on the laptop in this video but its there in the distance. Hoping someone with better equipment can see it in this video, and somehow show the rest of you! I don’t have that type of technology. Follow the link. It was uploaded uploaded it from my cell.

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Mission district, San Francisco – June 21st 5pm
It turns out we might have accidentally recorded a UFO or drone like craft while filming in the Mission District of San Francisco, on the afternoon of June 21st. We literally did not see this craft or purposefully film this at the time it was shot. This clip essentially showed up on our camera. If that is not bizarre, we don’t know what the hell is. There was also a Hopi Indian mural in the same area which featured an owl in the tree which could represent”screen memories” and/or shape-shifting and an alien/human hybrid next to a Gray alien surrounded by space ships and orbs. Owls were all over the walls as well as other dark graffiti pieces with “Day of the Dead” and Aztec themes. See some of the photos we shot that day here.

It’s moving very slowly as if its hovering and it’s also tilted sideways. Perhaps its something else, but still this is really strange and compelling. It’s also actually extremely rare to capture a craft in the day time. Also Its odd that the camera is holding steady, when we didn’t even know we were filming. Now that’s skill!

Youtube video link:

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border between Bolivian and Peru at the shore of lake Titicaca – 6pm may 20

i believe i have authentic ufo/green orb pics.
my wife and i were crossing the border from peru to bolivia at the shores of lake titicaca. my wife took a picture with her ipad of the shore, then took 3 steps back and took a second picture, time lapse no longer than 7 seconds from the first picture to the second picture.

the first picture, labeled as the first, shows a green orb in the center bottom of the picture. The second picture shows the displacement of the orb at the top center of the picture. how could ANYTHING move that fast.
i used ben vista photo zoom to upscale the image. even in the first picutre you can tell that object is in less motion than second. for the first zoomed image i edited to make it more clear and for the second zoomed i darkend it more to show the blurry ness and the lightint of the ufo. after seeing both pictures the shape of the object is the same and their light effect also similar. it seems that the craft was actually invisible and their lights gave them away. anybody, any thoughts?


Lake Elsinore California – March 2013 11pm-1am
first off im not one of those kooky lame wackos that thinks hes gonna get his fifteen minutes of fame by claiming hes a alien spotter. im a legit guy that deals only with logic, reason, and factual information . having that said heres my story. .. i was in lake elsinore at night waiting in my car for a friend to come out becuase i was picking him up. i was on grand , its a street nearby, facing the lake . so we were just chillin and waiting i was with my girlfriend and all of a sudden dun dun dunnnnnnnn. i saw a bright light in the sky that didnt look like any of the other stars or plane lights in the sky.. it was really bright and moving awkwardly back and forth , lower and higher. it wasnt a plane or a helicopter . i was amazed at how the craft was moving like it was and then it did something else.. it started shooting out these little balls of light . the balls of light were shooting out very fast.. it would shoot one out then wait about five minutes then shoot another.. the craft shot out about four of five of these balls of light.. the objects shot out looked like a shooting star i guess i would say to best describe the event .. maybe not AS fast as a shooting star but you get the point.. they were shooting out FAST. the craft and the objects were a bright orange kind of color. it was just the strangest thing . it was shooting something down to the earth at a very fast speed . confusing to say the least. the craft stuck around for about 15 to 20 minutes before just disappearing into the night . if anyone else saw this , let me know . it would be cool if someone caught it close up or has a factual based event statement . well thats my story pretty trippy … catch you guys later keep your eyes open


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