Huge bright UFO seen and filmed over Leeds, UK 4-Aug-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the daytime sky above Leeds in United Kingdom was recorded on Sunday, 4th August 2013.


UFO Sighting Video Above Leeds, England

A UFO sighting over Leeds in northern England was videotaped on August 4, 2013. The mysterious object reportedly emitted a very bright light while slowly descended on treetops level. According to YouTube user Blip Street, the object was small and far away. He initially thought of a hot air balloon when he first noticed it because it was high in the sky and stationary.

The witness decided to get his camera and it got closer to the ground when he came back. However, he still did not pick up the object despite using a very good camera as the UFO was very bright.

One commenter suspected it was airplane light as it turns out that Leeds Bradford International Airport is just 10 miles northwest of the city of Leeds.

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) chief photo/video analyst, Marc Dantonio, said that the lights are more on orange-yellow colour. He explains that aircraft’s landing lights are very bright that they can be visible even 90 miles from the airport when an airplane is on approach.

The colour and brightness of the lights are consistent with the aircraft’s landing lights as seen from around 8 to 15 miles distance, said Dantonio.

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  1. Bit big for aircraft lights. Whatever it was, you would think that others saw it too, or was it easily identifiable?

  2. i knew someone would say a sunset! but the person filming was very smart to show us the real-time traffic. it does look like a sunset, but we see that it's not. this is no aircraft. a big glowing aircraft? no, i don't think so.

    • Have you ever seen an airplane coming directly at you? It definitely is an airplane, they're headlights are very bright especially when they're facing you. This is nothing but a plane landing, and if the photographer is honest he will tell you there's an airport over in the direction of the light.

    • Do you not think someone living in Leeds/Bradford area might not know the difference between an aeroplane and UFO? I live in Leeds and planes land every 15-minutes, surely this sighting would be a regular or even daily occurrence if it was a plane?

  3. Yes there is an airport near that place, as a matter of fact its smack bang above Leeds and Bradford airport. Sorry to dissapoint all you believers but i have lived there for 26 years and theres no doubt about it that is a plane.

  4. It could be an airship, there were sightings of airships glowing like this back in the early nineties over London, which I witnessed myself.<br /><br />From a distance they were nothing but pure light, to check whether or not it was an aircraft, check the time against the airport schedule for what landed, most commercial flights would show up on a log

  5. This a clip that was shown on here not too long ago on this website. Funny enough I went back in the previous posts and this one does not appear anymore, but only now.<br />Guess someone felt the need to post something to keep ppl interested. wink wink.

  6. I love these videos, and so glad someone films these things.<br />Looks like a village nearby or houses etc. did anyone see this? Was there a blimp in the area? should be easy to find out.<br />The Truth is Out there. I Want to Believe!

  7. Looks like the neighbors have been snooping around again.Radio this message to them (a la&#39; Dr Morbius – Forbidden Planet)&quot; The family silver is in the cupboard,and my daughter&#39;s jewelery is in her room

  8. Just one little error in thinking this to be an airplane – airplanes *DON&#39;T* descend/fly in at that short of an angle! (They usually will land at a more vertical angle – not horizontal, as this one more or less did, near the end.)<br /><br />And I&#39;m pretty sure it wouldn&#39;t be a helicopter either – as I&#39;ve never seen *any* kind of helicopter emit *THAT* much light!

    • It&#39;s already been proven by previous commenters on here that when they google earthed the area there&#39;s indeed an airport in that area, and if you notice, there&#39;s a mountain range in the background that the plane had to fly over and descend a bit more rapidly than normal because of it&#39;s proximity to the airport and the angle of approach. If you&#39;ve ever seen an airplane coming

  9. C’mon guys, anyone with a bit of sense is able to see this video was taken where the runway of an airfield is blocked from view. Any aircraft with its lights on and at a distance will look bigger than it actually is. It’s a plane coming in and landing.

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