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Your UFO reports: 17th August – 24th August 2013
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Fatima, Portugal – 8-25-13 0:05
hi i saw about 40 star like lights in the sky moving at a fast rate of speed in the sky the was a commercial airliner in the sky bat the same time some of the lights were moving around the others i tried taping but my cell was not capturing the lights flash faded it only took about 2 minutes from horizon to horizon

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Smithferryrd. Calcutta, Ohio – 8/24/13 2:42 am
In the early morning hours,we observed two star like objects moving slowly over the night sky,spaced apart, moving at same speed,one following the other.Tllhe one following turned extremely bright white glowed for approx.10 secs before returning same brightness as the other:neither was blinking,seemed very far,not as an average satellite, and were moving in a north north west direction as they left our view.

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Dallas, Texas – 23/08/2013
Interesting footage from Chen Park area of Dallas on the 23rd of August 2013

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Antwerp, Belgium – august 23th around 23:00h
I was watching the skies and didn’t expect to see something this night cause you couldn’t see a thing, no stars were visible.
Yet, after not even 5 minutes i saw this UFO appearing in the sky, as always i had my camera right next to me when i watch the skie and was able to capture it, i zoomed out a couple of times so you can see it’s really moving. To the naked eye it looked just as a star but as we all know, stars don’t fly …
I’ve seen this type of UFO’s before turning into a plane.
I’ve captured some other really good footage this night of what i believe is the same type of ET’s as this UFO.

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Morayfield, Queensland, Australia – 23/08/2013 at 8:24PM
Hi, I captured this orb whilst I was out UFO Hunting last night, it’s quite a large white orb, moving at fast speeds. It wasn’t a Satellite as prior to the video I checked NASA’s eyes on earth and included it to the video. It’s at the start.

This was recorded below the Southern Cross ( Acrux ) constellation in the South Horizon in Morayfield Brisbane, QLD Australia at 8:24PM GMT 10:00 + on the 23rd of August 2013.

If you could post this into your feed, that would be greatly appreciated.

Youtube video link:

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Chicago – 08/22/13 10p.m
We heard a couple bangs like fireworks. We went outside then saw a red orb slowly ascending above down town Chicago kind of above lake michigan. We thought it was a firework or helicopter but it was red and slowly moving left and right and ascending. Then more red orbs started to slowly ascend behind the first one. Then we knew those weren’t fireworks they were ascending very slowly and close to each other and dispersing in the sky then disappearing . There were about 20 orbs. A couple were in triangle shape with three points as if tied together but then separated slowly. The event lasted about 2 minutes. couldn’t upload my pics and video

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Surrey, United Kingdom – 21st aug 9:30
telepathic message told me to go there.
ufo went once a helicopter (possibly military) came into the area (which is what the buzzing sound it)

Youtube video link:

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Mill Creek, WA – 8/20/2013, 9:10pm
I believe i just saw a mass ufo sighting. There were at first 4 orange glowing lights/orbs in the sky, not moving. after 5 seconds of watching them they all headed south at the same speed. After those 4 disappeared, i look a little to the north and see over 10 (TEN!) of these same lights in the sky! they are at a fairly low altitude as well. Then all of these lights start slowly going south as well. They seemed to just fade and dim out, not into the distance, just dim out for some reason, all around the same place ( a little bit south of me). As im watching these orange lights travel south and dim away, i also barely catch a glimpse of what seemed like a classic flying saucer shaped ufo. It had no lights, but with the light of the city/moon it was lit up enough for me to make out. It was circular, i think grey in color, and also flying in the same direction as the lights. It seemed to be in front of the lights actually. I saw 3 of these flying saucers! no noise at all was heard from these objects. After the flying saucers disappeared into the distance/night sky, MORE orange lights just kept coming from the NORTH horizon, traveling right over me and then disappearing like the rest. I want to say i saw around 20-30 orange lights total, there were alot. And only 3 Flying saucer UFOs. Please if you have gotten any other reports like these anywhere in washington let me know. Or if you have heard of a similiar report in the past please let me know. This was truly a mass ufo sighting that seemed to last only 5-7 minutes, and i cant believe i cant find anything on this on the internet/local news.

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Morayfield QLD Australia – 7:24PM 20/08/2013

Captured by Kordell from AustralianPhenomena, captured in Morayfield QLD Australia. The object wasn’t visible to my eye, I only happened to notice it when I was moving around my monocular and bringing it back the Southern Pleadies.

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Denmark Western Australia – 7-8pm 20/08/2013
Took a pic of the moon then later noticed a 44 gallon drum shaped object…any ideas???


Cincinnati, Ohio – 8-18-2013 about Midnight
Im not sure whats going on here but its not natural.

Video link:

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Toronto, Canada – 10/Aug/2013
This interesting footage of an Orb shaped UFO was recorded in Toronto over 2 weeks ago, Aran Lockwood the recorder has no Idea what it was.

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žNewton-le-Willows,N Earlestown.0-47am.,fri.2aug.2013. – 2aug.fri.0-47am.I came home at 11-50pm.,and noticed a bright red light,hovering in sky,about W.This was 90ft.alt.,above the slackheaps,and it changed to green.Now it might be a helicopter,but when I have examined film further will publish to youtube.Then I sat on front garden,and at about 0-47am.,I saw a bright ”star” flash over,about N,2-3,000ft.alt.,I think,and going at about 4,000mph.,silently.The RAF satellites and radars must have picked it up,and even if first craft was a military helicopter,looking for alien craft,of which I have put many on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,scroll to url.Over 140 vid’s.,of alien craft,or see uncensored on,Robert [email protected],on Twitter.Good on,Google,Robert Newton ufo,for pic’s also.The of an alien lightship,which I just tried to send you,and is on above channels,in full vid.19mls.E,of Liverpool.

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Sandusy, Ohio – june 28th 2010, 12:27 pm
i took this photo back in 2010 and do not know what it is, it cannot be the sun because the sun is clearly in the picture. I have no idea what it is.

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Mexico, mount Popocatepetl – 2013
friend took this picture,only noticed black spot later. Thought it was interesting, could be nothing though, would like your thoughts on it.

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  1. Toni: that drum shaped object is weird and looks like an advertisement banner from a plane, but there's no plane! Christian: that's a reflection of the sunlight in your camera. : scott: that looks so much like a bird or bug in the frame.

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