NASA Curiosity Rover Sends Images Of Apparent Disc-Shape UFO

From one of the surveys on the surface of Mars conducted by NASA’s Curiosity rover, the US independent agency’s website apparently posted two images showing a UFO moving across the rover.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C Waring was the one who noticed the disc-shaped UFO in black and white images and posted them on his blog. The small UFO can be spotted in the top-left corner of one of the pictures, and can also be found in the top-centre in another.

In his blog, Waring posted two NASA photos (Sol 369 and Sol 370) that show similar UFO in different positions. He added that these are traditional flying saucers that have been spotted by many people around the world for decades.

These photos are directly from NASA archives and not been tampered in any way, claimed Mr Waring.

The images were sent by the Mars rover earlier in August and they were taken by Rear Hazard Avoidance Cameras (Rear Hazcams), according to Jet Propulsion Centre of NASA. In the website, the photos were posted under the Raw Images gallery.

In May, the news came out about a disc-shape UFO with glowing aura around it as observed by Waring. He wrote on his blog at that time that the UFO could be seen emitting mysterious colourful lights, looking similar to a rainbow.


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  1. I suspect a planet or some other natural heavenly object. Possibly a spacecraft of earthly origin in low Martian orbit. Would need better pictures of the object(s) or video. Pitty the rovers do not have a video camera mounted on them that can be moved around.

    • there have been dozens of spacecrafts sent to mars. lots failed, and others were successful. i think nasa would certainly know if this object(s) were manmade and of earthly origin. they are not. if it was a heavenly object, it would not be on this site as a mystery. and yes it's too bad that the cams on the mars rovers don't move around.

  2. Let me be the first to call BS on this hoax. Are you seriously trying to tell us that saucer technology hasn&#39;t evolved in the last 60 or so years?(Roswell. Hell, we&#39;ve had many different and improved models of aircraft since. <br />You&#39;re basically telling us that alien flight technology has reached it&#39;s zenith and this is it for spacecraft design?<br />Nice try guys. If you&#39;

  3. BS is right, when will we get some good pictures the people who make these hoaxs waste their time and ours I think its a ten year old with too much time on there hands they should go out doors and play some baseball or something, if its a grown up get a life and get out and look for the truth.

  4. YEAH RIGHT DUMB ASS !!!!Like NASA is going to release this to the public !!! DUHHH !!! We all know its a huge cover up LIE !! Go stroke yourself DUSHQUANDA 🙂

  5. Skeptics like you would ignore or reject the &#39;truth&#39; if it smacked you in the face; classic denial syndrome ! Get real

    • Go to Scott Warings site. See for yourself all the really stupid claims he makes. He sees faces everywhere, tiny cryogenic squerrils on Mars, tells us a photo of the Apollo service module taken from the lunar module is a &quot; base on the moon&quot;. He has found structures almost everywhere. The amount if BS he puts out shows him as a NASA misinformation agent. His goal is to belittle us true

    • Your right! Scott Warings site is pure crap everyone should visit his site and get a good laugh he is just trying to put out a book or two. this has nothing with being a skeptic it has to do with the truth, Scott Waring is all make believe and hoaxing to make MONEY.

  6. UFOs come in all DIFFERENT shapes and sizes and different technology advances they ET will not all be advanced to the same level ..just like humans have not advanced to the same level as each other ..some could be extraterrestrial OR interdimensional shapes and or sizes and design are irrelevant . they either type 1 ,2,3 4, civilisation if extraterrestrial and or if interdimensional well who knows if thats the case…could not speculate if that was true could only be a theory thats for sure..

  7. AND YES ..sometimes NASA does let some genuine photos through and just muddies the water a small bit so to speak like info /dis information ..could be part of a soft disclosure sort of thing going to happen sometime in the near future maybe ..we can all but hope i guess.

  8. Why are you people,ranting over Nothing!? This is mere foolishness! These craft are old news. Are you even keeping Up. With what’s going on lately? My advice, Watch Dr.Steven Greer on YouTube. Don’t belive everything you see,or read. Use Your own judgement.

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