Two UFOs over Melbourne, Australia 19-Aug-2013

UFO sightings – These two UFOs or orbs were slowly flying across the night sky above Melbourne in Australia on 19th August 2013 around 8 pm.

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  1. very interesting. nice long video. too slow to be satellites or the ISS. what's going on over there in australia?

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  3. I saw one over the pelham bay part of the bronx lastnight. I recorded it and told my daughters look its a UFO. It traveled noiseless, no strobelights, no steaks, just a round looking lit up object then it turned off,dimmed,or disappeared and all 3 of us saw it. They thought i was kidding but i saw the same thing in the poconos this past week

  4. All very interesting…BUT… until I see a multi sighting in daylight at about 20 ft off the ground or actually on the ground. I reserve judgement.<br />I live in a remote part of Canada, and I am always seeing strange lights some fast some slow, always noiseless. The most recent one was about the size of a football,very bright, hovering, above my garage, about 50ft up, it had a broad band of

  5. we saw a single light pass overhead the other night that looked like this. i thought sattelite, but went to the nasa page where you can look up which sattelites are near you – and there were none in our area that night ….

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