Google Has Answer About The UFO Sighting Above Kentucky

In recent times, when you want to know something and you have an internet-capable device, you just need to go to Google Search and enter keywords you would like to know. As everybody cheekily says, Google knows everything and recently, even the apparent origin of an unidentified flying object.Residents of Pike County, Kentucky, reported a strange sight in the sky on October 16, 2012. Amateur astronomer Allen Epling describes it as similar to two fluorescent bulbs, side by side, parallel, emitting very bright light.

Epling was not the only one who spotted the mysterious sight. Police stations in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky got phone calls from citizens about it but they could not explain it. The UFO was estimated to have reach 60,000 feet above the ground or 18,300 metres. It reportedly moved slowly for hours.

There were speculations of an alien UFO and balloon but these bring more questions as to what entity put it there and what was the objective. Chemtrails theory had brought speculations about extra-terrestrial signals, mind control experiments and weather-controlling machinery.

Now the mystery is already considered solved.

In an article in Wired magazine, author Steven Levy reveals that the UFO is actually a technology financed by Google called Project Loon. Levy writes that the project is an amazingly ambitious undertaking of the company to supply internet connection to people who don’t have the privilege to get connected through solar-powered, high-pressure balloons hovering approximately 60,000 feet above the ground. The balloon remained in the sky for 11 days before reaching Canada, according to Levy. In the project’s website, it says that that Project Loon is not only intended for people in rural or remote areas but also for people to get back online right away after disasters.

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  1. After learning about Project Loon, this is not anything to do with it. Who ever said it was, just does not know what they are talking about.

  2. Project Loon balloons look like normal balloons with added solar panels and hardware package suspended underneath. How does this resemble the alleged UFO? Can the Project Loon loon provide some evidence apart from this cheesy attempt to exploit a cool marketing angle?<br />

  3. Ok yes strange I saw the same exact thing yesterday 08/24/2013 in the North <br />East sky near my place, funny I thought it looked like a light too..

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