Two UFOs With Dual-Coloured Lights Spotted Above Saint Mary’s Basilica in Minneapolis

On August 9, 2013, a witness captured on video two mysterious objects in the night sky over the Basilica of Saint Mary, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The witness reported his unusual experience to Mutual UFO Network and was filed the next day. He said that he was on his way to downtown Minneapolis walking in Loring Park when he spotted the two UFOs floating in the evening sky. The witness did not give much attention to the objects as he thought they were just helicopters. Later, he noticed that they were not helicopters so he decided to take a video of the mysterious event using his Galaxy Note 2 smartphone. He captured on video two UFOs that hovered back and forth and each of them had dual-coloured lights.

KMSP Fox 9 tried to contact the FAA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport but neither had received reports about the sighting. Local law enforcement agencies also did not receive a single sighting report.

Sceptics suggest that the two apparent UFOs were remote-controlled quadcopters which featured two colours of LED lights. These lights are consistent to the dual-coloured description of the UFOs as described by the witness. Hobby Warehouse reportedly sold 40 quadcopters in the past 6 months.

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