UFO Followers Believe The CIA Will Soon Declassified Documents About The Existence Of Space Aliens On Earth

Followers of alien UFO and believers of space alien encounters are relatively thrilled to know that the CIA openly recognize the presence of Area 51 for the very first time. In case you don’t have an idea concerning Area 51, it’s a top-secret Cold War test site that continues to be associated with UFOs, extra-terrestrial technology and space alien for many years now.

The currently publicized (previously classified) files provide more thrill to UFO/alien followers and supporters despite the fact that no such thing as UFO or extra-terrestrial described in the records.

Initiator of a support group for those who consider they’re approached by extra-terrestrials, Audrey Hewins, suggests that the CIA is heading to the path of disclosing the presence of space aliens on Earth. Most likely, the CIA is observing the response of people after knowing about the lies and cover-ups matters carried out by the US government, states Hewins.

The presence of Area 51 was not acknowledged by the US government for years and it was gradually recognized by the government and military when officials can’t contain the smoke any longer concerning the Area 51 presence.

The currently declassified CIA files mention not just Area 51 but also a few of the flight activities in the vicinity. The files also identify the Air Force base on a map, along the dry Groom Lake bed, and a few one of a kind planes. However, saucer-shaped plane is not mention in any of the page of the documents.

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    • And you are 100% correct! <br />We are not going to be told, well not in my lifetime anyway, and I strongly recommend anyone younger than I not hold their breath.<br /><br />The only reason area 51 is now being admitted to is because they are done with that facility or what ever they were doing at that facility and so now they can declassify it.<br /><br />They have either just moved everything

    • Take your pity to a Church we do not need your scorn.<br /><br />The mind is like an umbrella, it only works when it is open.<br /><br />Too bad your life is so one dimensional.

    • You really want to know whats goin on. The truth is there. Get yourself a job with a decent security clearence and stop wasting time in speculation. If you can&#39;t get the clearence, well, if you really knew anything of reality you have to comment on sites like this. Dah, where does that leave me?

  1. Whenever I visit this site, I become depressed by how poorly-written most of the articles are. The writer gives me the impression that English is not his/her first language. Throughout there are examples of faulty subject-verb agreement, troubles distinguishing the singular as opposed to plural forms of nouns, missing verbs, articles, and poorly-chosen prepositions. The writer also has trouble

    • yes proofreading is a good idea, but apparently they don&#39;t. mostly one can get the idea of what the author is trying to say even with mistakes. anyways, it&#39;s to focus on the videos, not the grammar.

  2. It&#39;s people like you, Dorothy, the government like to use, to disprove anything they could even possibly be doing, even if they&#39;re covering something up, which I believe they&#39;re not, and never have been. It&#39;s all a game to the our Government, and Governments in other Countries. It&#39;s the Governments way of, skimming money off the top for weapons, thy&#39;re most likely working

  3. I seriously doubt the CIA will be forthcoming with any UFO/alien information any time soon. In admitting to the use of Area 51 with the U-2 spy plane program, they are only admitting to a program that is over two generations of being obsolete. Whoo wee! Big revelation there. <br /><br />UFOs are being recorded in the skies all over the world except for one place; at your local gas station. You

  4. and why do they aknowledge the existance from area 51 now? because they want to distract you from the nsa and snowden thing!

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