VIDEO: Unknown lights over New York 3-Aug-2013

UFO videos – New footage of a mass sighting in the sky above Long Island in New York. This was taken on Saturday, 3rd August 2013.

Update: Second video of these strange UFOs in the sky above Long Island, NY.

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  1. wheres the military police army etc no one cares cause they know about them & just ignore them apart from the public whose interest in ufo sightings are growing daily good pic its aliens just having a tour round your city .

  2. My sister and her husband called me today telling me they saw a group of objects last night over Maine. The way she described them was like these but they darted up and down changed colors,swayed back and forth. said they watched them for better than 2 hours off and on. She didn't get no video.

  3. this is what the government should know about todays kids, they are ready for disclosure and its already programmed in their brains that there is nothing to worry about and more to be excited about.

  4. Yet more footage of the Chinese Lantern craze that&#39;s sweeping the planet (according to regular visitors to this site). <br />Odd that I still can&#39;t find them for sale even though every household has a garage full of them.

    • i&#39;ve never seen those things anywhere, yet people seem to have them! i guess they&#39;re ordering them off the net and stuff. i just don&#39;t believe any light is a chinese lantern.

    • Just google chinese lanterns for sale. There are hundreds of companys selling different types. One box of lanterns can keep people entertained on this site for weeks. Haha.

  5. i saw a very similar sighting in playa del carmen mexico several months ago. almost exact . not sure what they were. lasted about 30 seconds and they moved off into the distance . not lanterns.

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