UFO Is One Of The Theories Behind The Mystery Of A Remote Siberian Crater

Vadim Kolpakov had no idea what he was about to discover when he went to north of Irkutsk region, Russia for his expedition.Young geologist Kolpakov was in his official duty to draw up a geological map of the region when he spotted something not usual. What he had seen still puzzle scientists over 60 years later – the outstanding and mysterious Patomskiy crater.

A lot of theories have been formed and some of them are:
– Ancient civilisation made the crater
– Prisoners at a secret Stalin labour camp created the crater
– The crater was formed from volcanic activity
– Meteorite caused the crater
– An underground hydrogen explosion triggered to form the crater
– A UFO or two UFOs were responsible for the crater

Native people called it as the cursed crater or devil’s place, according to stories handed down long before Kolpakov discovered it. Because of so many unanswered questions about the crater, it has been called “The Mysterious Place in Russia.”

Among the unanswered questions are:
– Why trees don’t grow on the side of the cone?
– While levels of radiation are now low, why they were once high?

Many scientists have conducted expeditions on the crater but no one yet has definitive answer as to what or who made it. One thing is certain as of now, new missions will be coming in the next few months until questions are answered undisputedly.

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  1. it is what it says there: crater was formed from volcanic activity. i'm sure it's completely natural. the bump in the middle is the volcanic dome.

  2. That is not a normal crater, this is built up on all sides, and debris was hurled to the side with no trees, meaning it is very recent. But what could cause it to be built up that way, it's not merely a hole in the ground type of crater and it doesn't appear like it was the top of a peak, it's strange that's for sure.

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