Amazing footage of a cigar-shaped UFO over Dusseldorf Airport in Germany 17-Sep-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video of a cylindricalunidentified flying object slowly flying over Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. This was taken on 17th September 2013.

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UFO Above Germany Airport Caught On Tape

A UFO above Germany’s Dusseldorf Airport was filmed by a German national. However, spokesperson of the airport is doubtful about any extra-terrestrial activity.

The controversial object can be viewed at the top left part of the video. It is a dark rectangular object and appears to be long. The object disappears off the screen as it moves slowly to the left.

The video was posted to YouTube by user named onpriel1 on September 4, 2013. Based on the information given in the description, the video was obtained through the use of a video capture program, reportedly from an airport webcam. The website of Dusseldorf Airport has a page of webcams.

Oprile1 explains that he only got the UFO for short period of time because it took him a minute to launch the video capture software. The user comment feature of the YouTube video was disabled because of unfair comments. All UFO followers and enthusiasts can relate to this.

On the morning of September 24, German newspaper RP Online featured the video. The article of the newspaper says that conspiracy theorists speculate about UFOs due to other videos of mysterious light activity captured around the airport.

Airport spokesperson Verena Wefers told RP Online that it was a beautiful day with blue sky and it’s unconvincing that such object only now obtained on a video. Wefers says that the mysterious object in the video was a banner being drawn by an aircraft and it was not captured on radar. These kinds of banners are usually flown above the city in the summer, adds Wefers.

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  1. I’ve often associated cigar objects like this as the Reptilian species ancient celestial crafts … those which are the original Royal Overseers of the Earth’s core … not those diabolical kind whom hate earthkind .. Great video

  2. when i click on the film, you see just a fraction of a second, the thing "appear". perhaps it's just me seeing that, but it looks like it was placed there on the film.

  3. in the update on this video, it says the youtube poster for this video disabled the comments because of unfair comments. when one films what they see, or thinks they see, as a ufo and puts it on a public site, it is fair game for anyone to make any kind of a comment. you have to take the good with the bad! also when one sees a genuine ufo and knows what they saw is real, one should not be

  4. It's a banner ! You can see it waving while it's moving. When you put things out that are not real, you're just giving more ammunition for the skeptics and non-believers.

  5. Would not the air-traffic controllers have seen this, and not let the airplane continue on it's path? Very curious to me;;;scarey. BB

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