Poll #49: Could UFOs be a sign of an extraterrestrial visitation?

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Could UFOs be a sign of an extraterrestrial visitation?
Start Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

End Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013 

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Poll #48: What paranormal ability would you want?
Invisibility 30 minutes a day: 24%
Telepathy one person at a time: 22%
Line-0f-sight teleportation: 32%
Prediction only concerning yourself: 8%
None of the above: 11%

Start Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013

End Date: Monday, September 30, 2013

Total voters: 488

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  1. This is a bunch of crap. I love keepingmy updates to laugh at all of you UFO believers……look its shaped like a cigar ahahahahahahahahah more like a dildo to probe you

    • wow, you actually took the time to try and downplay something that would be amazing to actually know about…like it doesn't matter or that isn't relevant to our planet. I guess you fit that bill pretty nicely.

    • you shouldn't be on this site if this is your attitude. go waste time somewhere else, you're not appreciated here.

  2. Anonymity usually hides the true filth of humanity. These are poisoned minds I appreciate all you are trying to do to expose the cynics and Trolls who hide their name because they are too cowardly to expose their shame. – Nigel Kerner

  3. No? there not going to come to a place so screwed up.Would you like to live with caveman.No. neather do they.They will take earth after we fu– it up and distroy all.Clean it up and settle in.Not to long from know.You will detroy yourself soon?

  4. and if i was a robot what the hell would be the damn problem.Robots arent from ufos, the good one are made in japan.I am from Fl.I would like to be a robot.Cancer level 2,asbestosis level 3.Robots dont get this shit.

  5. &quot;Could UFOs be a sign of an extraterrestrial visitation?&quot;<br />Duh! Why no; I thought it was a sign that GMC is diversifying…?<br />Of course it is an extraterrestrial visitation. And they have been here for thousands of years…<br />The Lord God said to Abraham &quot;we have made you, from the dust, in our image.&quot; Then he went back to his ship.

  6. An extraterrestrial visitation?<br />Well… more accurately an extraterrestrial presence; they are here.<br />We all live in a zoo and they are the keepers. It is their planet, after all.<br />But more than just a zoo, it&#39;s also entertainment – we are like a reality gameshow for them.

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