Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2013

Most remarkable UFO sightings in September 2013 by

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September 2013; unknown lights – California

4th September 2013; triangle-shaped UFO – Lincoln, Nebraska

5th September 2013; disc-shaped object – Rome, Italy

8th September 2013; daytime sighting – Memphis, Tennessee

8th September 2013; triangle UFO – Memphis, Tennessee


17th September 2013; cigar-shaped object – Dusseldorf Airport, Germany

18th September 2013; triangular crafts – Wittenberg, Germany

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  1. Hi I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.. I was wondering if anyone else besides me and 3 other people , witness any unusual objects or sightings and activities in the sky . Between the early hours on September 29, 2013.. Me and 3 other friends we&#39;re sitting in a hot tub ,and saw a diamond in the sky fade in and out. Like a star that never went to sleep after day t<br />light. Then the

  2. Fascinating how these ‘lunar Orb Crew Ships’ watching the burning vessel, disappear behind ‘frequency grid veil’ holding in place the illusion of our skies ..

  3. I was in the USNavy,Radioman.If something comes into our air space and doesnt I.D. jets are sent up to intersept.No re-ply shoot it down.Today we have the most advanced jet in the world called the RAPTOR.It can get it.The first vid:looked like a ship on fire,And they shot up destress flares,these flares these come in white,red and green.The orbs who knows?your guess or mine.??

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