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Your UFO reports: 24th August – 1st September 2013
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Portugal, Valongo – 2013/09/02 – Around 06:30 am
I was today watching the stars earlu in the morning, and i saw those bright orbs, fliyng and passing, and like always, i couldn’t catch them with my camera because it does not have nightvigion capatity but i was watching it pass in the sky and i decided to take some fotos despite thinking that i wouldn’t catch them, because i had before tried to photograf a star and it dind’t show up, afteer so i satrted to take the photos and i don’t know if i cought them on camera i’m not really sure, but otherwise i found some interesting thing in the photos, i’m sending you the photos. I expect you to analise the photos and say something, because i’m not really sure that what i caught was the ufo or something eles, and i would like you to analise the lights when we amplify the images, because it’s like, when the images are normal we can’t see any light in the back gound but when you amplify it youll see lots of little lights, and i don’t know if those lights are the stars because those lihghts appear to be somekinf of light problem or so as it was still very dark . I also caught what appeared to a face or something like that, looks like a creature loking or something like that, please see my photos and i will give you my e-mail, and then reply with what you think that those images are, because honestly i’m here describing that, but in fact the ufo that i was seeing which was a little ball of light like any of the stars but it as moving and changing its brightness, doen’t look like any of the stuff that i caught in the camera, well maybe on is the most aproximately but yet i m serious i personnaly am very surprised by the images that is nothing of what i was expecting to get, cause in fact i wasn’t really expecting to get anything because of the darkness. Watch the images and then tell me something.



Ripley, Derbyshire, UK – 04.15 31st Aug 2013
Early this morning my girlfriend and I got up early and as I went outside to let our dog out, I saw the sky was full stars. I told my girlfriend Sue to have a look at them. We were only outside the back door for one or two minutes when we both say three very bright star like objects moving in wide circles but were lit for a few seconds then went out. They would come on briefly but in that time you could see them moving in an arc and they would come on and off in random. We were both amazed at the sight.

The objects were from the West and were only visible for around thirty seconds or so and then they just disappeared. I stayed outside for another thirty minutes as really wanted to see them again but only got a brief flash of something much further away and more to the north.

The objects were much larger than any star and very bright. There was no sound at all and it appeared that they were within the stars themselves, but this was only my first opinion.

We have both got up now and have spoken about this again, so I thought I would share the sighting.

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Antwerp, Belgium – august 30th 2013
This was filmed above Antwerp International Airport. This airport closes at 22:00h. This was filmed around 23:30h. You can clearly see that this UFO is flying much too slow to be a plane is that aftera while it’s hovering and pretending to fly away but in fact only making itself smaller to create an optical illusion.
Filmed in Antwerp on august 30th 2013

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Carretera # 3 going west, Puerto Rico – 07-29-2011 6:28 p.m.
I have seen 3 different U.F.O.s at different times and places but never took pictures because I wasn’t prepared nor interested but, then I bought a camera from a big store that was closing out and I started to shoot photos like mad, and that’s how I came into a few U.F.O. I have showed them to friends at the mall, but must of them think that I flipped, and that’s the reason that I am posting 3 of the more than10 that I have pictured since I started, I must say that what I was trying to picture was the beautiful sun going down or aurora, here in Puerto Rico. What I see in the three photos is something that looks like a cooking pot, with 2 others flying by the big one, and the one that is at the lower part, looks like it has the top open and if one looks close will see like a figure or a pilot in it. It’s kind of funny because its something like a convertible. U.F.O. I want everyone to see the 3 pictures and comment about them


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Antwerp, Belgium – august 27th midnight
This is the first part of 2. Some really good and clear footage of a UFO transforming into an airplane. You can see the transformation really good. This is the best footage i caught so far. This is very simulair to the footage of EastTexasUFO’s and the latest upload of whotookmymojo’s channel. He filmed almost exactly the same one day before me.
Really worth watching, i had to mute the sound on the first part cause my music was playing in the background and youtube wouldn’t let me upload it because of their copyright law.
Part 2 is with sound and is in factthe same UFO, i just lost it for a few seconds and changed my settings into only optical zoom, then i started filming again.

Part 1

Part 2

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Frederick, MD – 08/25/13 0845 pm
My daughter was out helping my wife collecting big trash cans to place for morning pick-up. She rushed in to tell me she is looking at this bright flashing light. I went outside to look and to the southwest of our house we see the flashing light. The light gives off gold purple green bright blue intense red at random interval.I went back inside to get some binoculars and got a better look at the thing it was flat and gold colored at this point another one showed up and this one fired upm as well. I know what we saw and it was not a plane ????

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Traverse City, Michigan – August 16th 2013
My boyfriend and I have been watching this thing from his house, and I caught this at my house from my driveway…. We’ve been seeing it for a very long time and have named it the ‘Discoball’ because looking at it from the naked eye it looks like a normal ‘star’ flashing a million different colors… when looking at it through binocular’s, it almost looks 3D, meaning its in our atmosphere… and then capturing it on my camera from my tripod… I caught it like this, and more than once did I catch it in motion…
The most important thing about these photos is that these are still shots… absolutely still from my tripod. The stars are still, and that thing is not. I did not edit or enhance these photos at all. Im showing you close ups of the star and then a close up of that thing. This is not a ‘firefly’ or a ‘plane’ or a ‘comet/asteroid’ or even a satellite. I don’t know what it is, all I know is that I finally was able to capture it with my camera, and very proud of myself
This is real proof we’re not alone.
They are around all the time, I highly suggest you all go out and look at the stars every night… good chances you’ll see it too 🙂


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Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands – August 14th 2013 at 3.51 PM
At Schiphol Airport I was taking pictures of the Airbus 380 during takeoff, after checking my photos I found three photos of a disk/sphere like object next to the plane. The object is found on three photos which were taking in only two seconds.

RAW files are available too.

I’ll also include a sharpened image which is an overlay of the three photos.


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Jacksonville, NC – between Aug 1 and 11, 2013
Please take a look at this photo. I took it myself from my mobile phone. I was taking pictures of chemclouds and one day I decided to go through all the pictures on my phone. That is when i noticed that I had caught this picture of orbs. I was very shocked as this is my first time ever capturing a photo of an UFO. I have never taken an interest in UFOs, but this has me very intrigued and curious. I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me on this.

I personally think that it is some sort of climate or weather manipulation or atmospheric checking device, but that is just my guess. Please let me know what your thoughts are.


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Nichelino, Italy – August 21, 2010
On August 21, 2010, a cigar-shaped UFO was observed near Nichelino (Italy). A person saw a strange bright object and made a video. Intrigued by the finding, they informed about the video the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M) whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting video on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. On official CUFOM youtube channel “CUFOMCHANNEL”, it’s possible to find the video about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
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Sobrado-Valongo, District Porto Country Portugal – July and August of 2013
Seriously, in the last couple months I’ve witnessed hundreds of ufo sightings, almost every night. I’m not able to provide you video evidence because I don’t have any camera or any equipment needed to do it at night considering that that is the only time that they appear. And of course no one cares about it here, people here never take their eyes off from television, and even if they see a ufo they’ll never say or comment any of it because they are very closed minded and they give no attention to it, which happens a lot here, and thus Ufo is not a subject of conversation here.
Anyway, i’ve watched a disc shaped craft that was very shiny with a yellow colour almost liquid like shiny melted gold, other are brilliant orbs which get bigger when they became shinier and appear and disappear, these other white ufo’s that pass at enormous speed and make a sound which looks like a big gust of wind, others appear to be blinking sometimes with a rythm and sometimes starts blinking faster and also yellow balls hovering in the air which appear only at 5 or 6 am when the sky starts to become clearer.
I’ve have had hundreds of ufo sightings, almost everyday but i’m never able to film them becouse i’m 18, i just got out of school and now i’m searching for a job, and i swear that when i find something to film them, i’ll fill your channel with new videos almost everyday.
And also i recommend to anyone who wants to have a ufo sighting or someone who is traveling in many countries to watch ufo’s and capture some in film, i really recommend you to come here, to Portugal, very strange things happen in here regarding ufo , at least the part of potugal in which i live in which is the north of Portugal.

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Thailand, Sukhothoi UNESCO Site – 2004
I was in Thailand on Holiday and I visited the Sukhothai World Heritage Site. I heard a loud electrical buzzing sound that filled the Sky and I had an ordinary Canon Camera and I took a photograph of the Sky. I had a few seconds and I basically pointed and Clicked. I developed the film, there is a Bright Dot on the Photo and I have enlarged it in Picture Viewer. There is a UFO in the Photo. I know it is a UFO because there is no fiery Con Trail that a Meteor would produce. It is Oval in shape and I am not sure How the object can be that Bright. I have no explanation.

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  1. benito. those are raindrops on your windshield.(i'm completely astounded that someone would think these are ufos but hey i guess it takes all kinds)AJ. those are some very cool pics and yes ufos frequently follow jets. Joseph. freaky lights all in a row in ORDINARY clouds.

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