VIDEO: Unknown lights hovering above Indio, California 28-Aug-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video of an unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Indio, California. This was taken on Wednesday, 28th August 2013.

Witness report: 3 Light triangle hovering in sky. A second unit appeared near it, shortly after the first unit disappeared
During my drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix, I spotted lights in the sky that I couldnt explain. At first there was 3 bright lights (of a orange/yellow color), appeared to be in the formation of a triangle. They didnt move, but hovered in the air. They were a good distance away, but still very bright. They were low enough to seem close, but high enough not to be a tower or connected to the ground. After about 5 mins of watching these, another set of 3 lights appeared nearby the first set. For a few minutes you could see both units hovering nearby each other. Then the first set disappeared quickly. This same thing reoccured multiple times for the next 30 minutes. The lights would appear and disappear quickly, but always in different positions than the last. When appearing or disappearing, there was no flashing or moving. They did not shoot from the ground or from the sky, they just appeared.
As I continued to drive, the lights didnt change but became hidden by the mountain range. After driving for another 15 minutes, I could see them again on the other side of the mountain range.
Now I was closer than ever, and the lights were super bright! They were so bright that Im sure they could be visible from miles away. I estimate they were 20 miles south of where I pulled off to look.
I spotted this event in between Indio, CA and the Arizona border on highway 10. They were south of highway 10.
The lights continued to appear for 5-10 minutes, then disappear after another unit arrived. This event lasted for as long as I could see them in my rear view mirror.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. My sister and I just saw one in Indio, CA driving on I-10 going to Coachella. We thought it was a plane so we kept staring at it; on its side it had two lights that were blinking as we got closer the thing also got closer to the ground. It got pretty close and we could see it's round shape, black in color, 3 round lights on the bottom and one round light on the top. We just stared at each

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