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Your UFO reports: 1st September –  8th September 2013
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Sunnyvale, California – 090913 12am
Blinky returns. A UFO hovers very high up in the sky for hours..flashing primary colors and it is just amazing. It is so frequent we called it “Blinky”.

Tonight Blinky is south in the California night sky. Not sure the exact direction just a guess. At first glance Blinky looks like a flashing primary colors pinpoint in the sky. Looking through binoculars is a whole different story. The pattern was red, green, blue over and over. The colors so vivid and beautiful. There were 3 light sources in a vertical row each flashing simultaneously and always on point. I can only imagine Blinky with a telescope.


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Washington Tyne and Wear uk postcode NE380ET – Thursday 5th September 2013 between 1250-1310
Whilst in the garden with my 2yr old son on a very clear sunny day,I observed three triangular almost arrow shaped craft flying in a triangle formation very high in the sky, they left no contrails as aircraft would that high. I watched astonished as they moved across the sky moving from almost true east to west the craft on the right side of the formation disappeared then reappeared in a new place a number if times! The strange thing was that I felt compelled to look into the sky at that moment, as if they wanted to be seen! I immediately started taking picture from my iPhone but due to the height of the craft I was unable to snap a convincing photo which has upset me so much! I mentioned the sighting to my father (lives about 2 mile away) who then told me that the night prior (4th September) he had seen a craft flashing with lots of different colours slowly ascend from behind some houses then take off at phenomenal speed! Hoping someone can shed some light on this as I haven’t stopped thinking about it! The image attached shows one at the bottom and another in the top right!

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Scarva N.Ireland – 02/09/2013
A group of Irish hurling players witness a white object fall from the sky and joins a large group of orbs which are hovering feet above the fields, stating: we watched for 8 minutes of a bright light sitting at a high altitude and for a while took our eyes off it as it was getting quite board untill one of our friends run over shouting look at that look at that, we turned and saw the most bizzar thing ever, it was super bright white fast falling light that once above the land behind the trees a pile of lights lit up across the horizon field view that joined it, we counted 6, we recorded 2 seconds of the object in the sky not knowing we were not recording due to me hitting stop accidently, this video is from a friend who we were training with and he recorded this footage ive sent, these are no aircraft or them daft orange lanters, that white light to us is no RC toy either as it was at maybe 15.000ft minimum and it looked like it was a breathing light expanding and depleting.
Youtube video link:

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6 Harrow Street Frankston (my location) – 2nd of september 2013, 11.35-11-55 (roughly and lasted 2-4mins)
Me and my mate saw a orange light appear out of nowhere and there were 2 visible planes at different altitudes, going different directions, with clear signal lights and beacons to gauge speed and noise and accurate light patterns(not that im sure all signal lights are uniform anyway but this object was clearly different).

I am no expert on plane lights but this went from NO LIGHTS and not visible at all to a comet like Bright Amber/Streetlight Orange orb, it appeared to move like a helicopter at first as if i was looking at it side on as it moved forward and decreased altitude at the same time, then it just stopped.

I was fortunately watching it long enough to see it all of a sudden turn in a short 270degree arch, take back off and head out towards port phillip bay at the speed of a fighterjet.. it took a tops of 20 seconds to go from frankston to roughly the city/geelong area WITH NO NOISE OR VISIBLE EXHAUST OF ANY KIND.

Once it would have been roughly halfway across the bay it started pulsing an overpowering red colour at the rate of a single O in Morse code which is three elongated pulses. It then became white(at least perceivably)and stopped, so I got in the car to get a better look but it was gone by the time we got back into view of the bay.

This was my second odd sighting and I was able to try and observe as much as I could this time without freaking out too much… this all happened in about a 2-4 minute period, anywhere between 11.35-11.55pm lastnight when I was opening the gate for my mate.

I have kept my eyes on the sky ever since my first sighting but never saw much more than a flash here and there with plenty of explainations for them, This was strange with no real ability to explain what I saw… did anyone else see this?

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Mes, Arizona – September 2, 2013
Very bright light to the north. Stationary and is not moving

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Antwerp, Belgium – September 1st 2013 – 22:00h
I was watching this plane that was comming in very slowly, at one point it just stopped. I took my camera and managed to film it standing still in mid-air. i zoom in and out and have a reference point so you can clearly see that this plane is not moving at all, after a while it turns to the right and takes of very quikly, at the end something weird happens and a second plane starts comming in.
This was filmed in Antwerp, Belgium around 22:00h

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Antwerp, Belgium – September 1st
Bright Orange Orb over Antwerp International Airport.
I’ve caught a few of this before here.
This si one was at 22:00h and the airport was still open, it flew right near it and very low.

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Kitchener, Ontario, CAN – September 2013

Various pictures of UFOs. Pictures taken with FinepixS3400.

Sparta, Tennessee – august 2013
My son,wife and I were swimming in in a freinds pool, when my son seen something in the sky. We all looked up to see what it was he was talking about . that is when we seen what looked like a cigar shaped looking silver thing flying slowly in the air. It was close enough that we could see that it did not have any wings.

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