Top 100 UFO videos of all time

Now featuring the ultimate UFO Video Archive with of over 100 of the best UFO Videos ever caught on tape, from 16 countries and from Earth Orbit by NASA and the Russian Space Authority, set to music with an Eclectic and Diverse, Original World Beat Music Soundtrack by the band Warless Society. Each UFO Video includes the location, date, time and the name of the person who filmed the UFO. All of the UFO Videos in this film are presented in the order they were filmed and represent the best selection of authentic UFO Videos ever made public.

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  1. There has to be an original version that does not have that particular type of music (not my thing). I would rather hear the peoples reactions than that for an hour and a half. I hit mute but then I got bored with no sound, had to shut it off. <br />SE

  2. too bad about the awful music….would have been nice to hear the actual sounds and/or videoer comments/reactions

  3. Interesting but most are fake if not all of them, as usual, just lights in the night sky or bad out of focus moving shapes that can be anything, hope one day we will get proof the music is awful so is the video.

  4. Why do these clips always have to come with idiotic background music??<br /><br />That&#39;s probably why they never land, they hear this garbage and clear off again.

  5. I think if the viewers could see I still shots off of each video we could make a better judgement, and please delete the mucic or just turn it off!!

  6. I&#39;m always amaazed that people feel they have to put music on these vids, especially music like this. We&#39;re observing here, people don&#39;t need to be blasted with this kind of stimulus. It is no wonder that people interested in UFOs and related are considered, well, different.

  7. This is a documentary that I like allot but the music at the background is terrible and doesn’t match so please quit that sound because it’s not working.

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