UFO With Several Very Bright Lights Caught On Video Hovering Over the Night Sky Of New York

One night, a man in New York was travelling with his car in the city when suddenly he noticed something mysterious in the night sky. He was able to grab his phone and use the video feature in it to film his strange sighting. The object in the evening sky above New York road seemed to have various very bright lights in a row. This sighting left the driving witness startled in the middle of the night.Paranormal site “Who Forted?” featured the video of the sighting. It is assumed that the man who posted the video to YouTube is also the one who took the video. He used his YouTube username Tyler Cook. In the description of the video, he admits that he does not know the identity of the object which looked like a giant helicopter that was hovering in the evening sky. He says that the sighting scared him.

Cook also posted a link of the video on Reddit where a detailed information has been shared. In this particular description, he says that he was driving towards home at around 12:30 AM from New Paltz to Harriman. Halfway through his road trip, he noticed the object at the left of the highway. Cook observed that the perspective he saw of the object’s three lights never changed as he was driving passed it on the right.

Some comments for the video suggest it is a fake, a large military aircraft or lights on a fix structure such as building, cell phone or microwave tower. One local comments that towers in the area have only one light and not many as seen in the video. Furthermore, this local reveals that the lights in the towers are spaced far apart. It is also important to note that Cook might had been near Stewart International Airport as it is a little more than midway between Harriman and New Paltz.

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  1. what a lame video. just as we get to see the thing close up he 'suddenly' lowers his cam, never to be seen again. can't believe you put this on here LUFOS.

  2. real smart. you film a possible ufo coming towards you, and you aim the camera somewhere else?!! geez!! good job. next time, park and tape.<br /> by the way… it was a helicopter.

  3. Thats alot of light being cast off the object. I had really hoped to have a look at this thing leave but yet once again the vid ran short. I have seen this craft on more vids and in groups. I look foward to the next capture for there is no doubt these will show up again and we might get a better look at them. at the moment I find myself overwhelmed with all the activity happening all around

  4. just seen a worm like ufo in northern Montana, it is getting like a everyday thing or there is a space station near the big dipper or some sort of work in space but the things seem to move a lot and every which way things vary it was in broad daylight today I know that im not the only one that see these things in Montana. I see something unusual every week it is kinda freaky because it happens to

  5. Hey everybody, I’m the guy that filmed this video.

    I understand some of the flak I’m catching in regards to the video I took. One of my biggest regrets is that I threw my phone into my lap as I was passing closest to the object. I would like to just elaborate (if anybody is reading this) on my mode of thinking during the experience.

    I enjoy watching planes and other aircraft, so as I spotted one single bulbous light in the sky from a few miles away, I kept my eye on it. The highway was fairly empty with minimal cars on the road, as you can see. However, as I became closer to the object, I was surprised by 3 things:

    1) The light wasn’t one bulbous light but rather three in a row. If anyone here has ever seen an aircraft directly ahead of them, they may recall how the lights on the aircraft kind of mesh together into one flickering bulbous light. When the plane comes closer, it becomes easy to spot the blinking lights that are so apparent on airplane wings, undercarriage, etc.

    Because I was getting so close to the light and it wasn’t moving (at least not quickly) and had no visible blinking lights on it, this was the first thing that struck me as odd. This was the thought/realization that prompted me to start recording.

    2) The brightness of the object was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the night sky. This object was BRIGHT. Much of the brightness was captured on video, but when I got home and reviewed the footage I was disappointed in just how dim the lights looked on the footage. It was very, very, very bright, and the footage does not do it justice.

    3) The lights never changed their orientation (3 lights in a straight row) despite the fact that I was driving passed them. This was what most freaked me out. If I were passing this object, wouldn’t the lights no longer look like 3 of them in a row being as my perspective is changing? Instead, it seemed as if the lights were just rotating consistently as I came closer to it, resulting in me perceiving the object as consistently having 3 lights in a row.

    Now, onto my explanation as to why I threw my phone down.

    I understand this may signify to some that it is a hoax, or at the very least bad judgement. Well, it certainly is one of my biggest regrets – especially the fact that I did not pull over. I guess I was just kind of in awe.

    However, my thought process was this: Do I keep my eyes on the road and continue filming the object, but risk not capturing it fully because I could not look at the phone screen and the road at the same time? Or do I throw my phone down (having already accumulated a few minutes of decent footage) and try to get a good look at the lights with my naked eye so I can subsequently relay the information about what I’ve seen in order to compliment the video?

    Ultimately, I decided on the latter – I threw my phone in my lap and tried to take in as many details as possible about the object.

    What I concluded was the following:

    A) Even while directly next to this object, it remained as being 3 lights in a direct row. No other lights from the other side of the object became visible at any point.

    B) I expected to see lights attached to the undercarriage, but there appeared to be no obvious light fixtures on the bottom of it.

    C) Although I opened the window in an attempt to hear the object (and accidentally blowing out the eardrums of anyone listening with headphones – apologies, by the way) I did not hear any sound.
    • Of course, it sounded like a whirlwind inside my car – perhaps the sound of the craft or object was covered up by the whirling air. But when I think about that, I think about how loud helicopters are even when far above me, and how loud airplanes are both high altitude and while landing. If it were an airplane, it had to be landing – and in my mind, I should have heard the engine roaring quite loudly. But I heard nothing.

    D) The lights did not seem to move at all, but rather appeared to me as stationary. This is difficult to estimate due to the fact that I was going above 50 MPH at the moment, but I really didn’t see any movement at all.
    • I understand that aircraft, when being unable to land due to congestion of the airport, may “taxi” in the general vicinity of the airport very slowly. I do not think this is the case.

    E) I cannot be 100% sure, but when I slowed down around the time I threw my phone into my lap to take a better look, I noticed all the cars behind me were matching my speed or going slower despite the fact that I was already going only 50 MPH on a highway that is 65 MPH minimum.
    • The road ahead of me was basically clear – its certainly perfect conditions for people to drive quickly if they wanted to. Instead, every car behind me was going below the speed limit (50-55mph).


    Upon further investigation of the video, I noticed something interesting: After I throw my phone into my lap and the video goes black, I lift it up again momentarily. In this split second, the lights become visible again.

    While freeze-framing this part of the video, I discovered what appeared to be either a green or red flashing light. However, due to the way that the lights refracted and dragged when recorded due to my shitty camera phone quality, I am unable to tell whether or not they were actually blinking lights, or just an artifact from the recording in itself.

    If anybody would like to contact me about this (or anything UFO related for that matter), please email me at Tyler.cook1991AToutlook.com.

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