VIDEO: Orb flying over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3-Sep-2013

UFO sightings – This huge unidentified flying object was seen and recorded in the sky above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, 3rd September 2013. 

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  1. fireballs are too fast to be called orbs. we can't see them that way. that looked like a plane or helicopter of some sort, and depending on which way the wind is blowing near the aircraft, you can't always hear them.

  2. Hello janet hosier, My name is Shawn Parry and I filmed this object on 9/3/13 as well as several hundred more UFOs on my YouTube channel simply under my name. You are entitled to your own opinion, but your comment defies logic. There is not set speed for an orb to travel to fast to still be called an orb, just like there is no speed to fast to change whats called a fireball orb to call it

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