Bright UFO light descends upon Akureyri in Iceland 29-Sep-2013

This strange light was recorded in Akureyri, a town in northern Iceland on 29th September 2013.
What do you think this UFO/sphere was? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. and so? what happened after?! looks kinda phony. a light like that landing in the middle of town, with no follow up?! if it's real where's the fanfare!

  2. Was there a landing strip where it went down? If not , dozens of people must have seen it, so why no newscast etc? I think it's a plane.

  3. Bitch comment:<br />Looks like attempted banker payback for when the Icelanders locked them up for scamming the people. As a speculation, the video appears to show a submarine launched cruise missile attack. Could have been a cruise missile dropped from a plane or surface vessel. Our elders control the burn off so the missile doesn&#39;t go Boom when it lands.

    • lord almighty what in the name of all living things are you talking about? bitch comment? more like way out there comment! you are very entertaining, Patrick.

  4. Being in the military, it looks like a 1000ft flair deploying from low angle and then going down slowly with its parachute. If it was UFO it would have moved in another angle and might have moved over the houses.<br /><br />Nope, I am not convinced.

  5. looks fake to me…why do the people on right side of screen move so oddly? how does &quot;UFO&quot; land on city street with no reaction?

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