Sphere hovering above Miami, Florida 15-Oct-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This sphere was hovering in the sky above Miami, Florida. It was recorded on Tuesday, 15th October 2013.

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  1. Interesting. Good to see people using tech and trying to capture something unique. much better than NVD. Never could understand why people point a light enhancing device (NVD) at a bright light in the sky and expect to get any detail. Anyway, keep at it.

    • I live in the Miami area and also saw this light as well. It was in a western position from Lower Coral Gables. It was 20-30 degrees from the horizon. Basically it was brighter than a planet and stayed in position for some time. It caught my attention because it appeared just before dusk, and got even brighter in the early evening.

  2. something similar too the ed walters sightings in lat 80s . in gulf breeze looks like those type mr walters captured on his cameras near his porch around his house .good video .

  3. I just don&#39;t….? buy or not buy ,the clarity of majority of footage. This is all fine in the view of space time distance night day etc. Let us let our dualistic<br />imaginations soar. into 3rd dimensional depths of believing. that this spacecraft areo-plane, ufo,etc. has been captured at least live. The question is, now what exactly are we accepting, and in what spirit of it are we….C…

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