Unknown lights hovering above Albrightsville, Pennsylvania 13-Oct-2013

This strange craft was seen and recorded in the night sky above Carbon County in Pennsylvania on Sunday, 13th October 2013.

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  1. what kind of weird strange silly video is this?? a thing that appears to be a toy, with a strange police car type flashing light on top, and strangest of all it has a silhouette around it, and then we hardly get to see it. nope. not good at all.

    • Do you have to review every picture or video, do you have a life seperate from latest ufo sightings, perhaps you could fiom one yourself and crtize it, that wold be more fair, ok just'something to think about inbetween the swigs of wiskee,,sss

    • i don't review every video. i like to come here and see stuff. what's it to you? learn how to spell and type proper grammar and maybe i'll take you more seriously. then again maybe not. just ignore me it's no skin off my nose.

  2. This Ufo appears to be genuine, I suspect that it is one of ours though because of the red strobe light on top. In general I believe that if it strobes it does so because of our avation laws requiring it. Another possibility exists that knowing this that they might be added to fool us into thinking that it is one of ours… A remote possibility.

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