Daytime UFOs or orbs over Los Angeles, California 6-Oct-2013

UFO sightings – New daytime footage of a strange bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky above East Los Angeles in California. This was taken on Sunday, 6th October 2013.

Witness report: Small clip I filmed of three white UFO’S close up over my house. Just like my other video of the fleet of three, these also go into the triangle formation @ the 3:00 minute mark. During the process of recording, I also noticed several other very fast flying UFO’S. I have an eye for this so many of you may not see the ones which fly by very fast. 

Author (Jonathan Castro @ youtube)

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  1. the focussing in and out is atrocious. when you spot something just stay on it as best as you can. these are balloons and there was no triangle formation. i really can't believe what people take for ufos these days.

  2. Zoom in, you can see they're silver metallic-colored helium balloons with the strings still attached. If it was to be a hoax, the idiots could've at least removed the strings from the balloons. A totally dumb prank, not well thought out.

  3. not 100% sure, but a friend reckons that these could be "believe it or not" weather balloons… i think its the fact that when zoomed in, you can see what appears to be tethers dangling below the orbs.

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