Interesting UFO video recorded over Southeast Michigan 2-Oct-2013

UFO videos – New footage of a strange UFO activity in the night sky above Southeast Michigan on 2nd October 2013.

Witness report:

1). When and where did you capture this and what was the location?
I captured this footage on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I’m about 8 miles north of an air national guard base. Sorry, I can’t provide any more location than this. I don’t want my neighbors to get upset from unwanted UFO hunter traffic.

2.) Why is the security camera using color instead of black and white? Most security cameras change to blank and white at night.
Good question! Because my camera has the option of using either black and white with infrared or color at night, I chose to use color for night in this instance because most fireballs captured on video look much better in color. For example, you can see the yellows, greens, reds, and blues from the tail. However, for security at night, I do use black and white with infrared if I’m not looking for fireballs.

3). Why did I have my home security camera pointed up into the sky before the incident? I was on the look out for capturing a fireball. Since there’s been a lot of fireballs reported all over the world in the last 3 weeks, I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this!

4.) Which security camera was used?
This recording is from one of my multiple security cameras that is currently installed on the front of my house. This particular camera is pointing south towards the road (my house is set back about 300ft from the road).

5.) Why did you disable your night vision?
On this particular security cam, I disabled the night vision by disabling the infrared mode on it. I didn’t want the recording to turn to black and white for a fireball capture. All my security cameras blink a red LED on the front of them indicating they are recording and sensing pixel motion. So, the image could be very far away and still trigger the motion sensor and record from an object moving in the distance. It’s digital, so all it needs is a lit up area that shows a change in pixels to sense a change in motion. I’ve picked up racoons, squirrels, skunks, deer, cats.. as far out as my road which is 300ft out.

6.) Why did you slow down the video speed?
I didn’t slow down the speed, the security camera runs at a slower frame rate. Sorry, I wish I had a faster camera.

7.) Why did I use music?
It helps the viewer know the video is playing since the security camera is fixed and the frame rate is a bit slow.

8.) Did you look at the area where the UFO was beaming the laser? Did it leave any residue?
Sorry, I have not.

9.) Do I meditate for these objects (UFOs) to come and visit?
No, I do not. However, I’m probably looking up at the sky more than most folks are.

10.) What color was my underwear?
I think I was wearing white at the time. 🙂

Object appears at:
0:37 – 0:55 (light from the object refracting from lense on security cam). This would be very hard to simulate using CGI.
0:54 (laser)
4:40 (laser)
5:48 – 5:54, the UFO was so bright that it lit up a few trees for a moment before shooting back up into the sky, and in my opinion, impossible to recreate using CGI.

Here’s the picture of the treeline during the daytime….

The UFO appears to be scanning the ground with a green laser (the laser beam can be seen on the trees too). The laser beam clearly starts small from the object and fans out into a larger cone as it gets closer to the ground. In my opinion, impossible for someone to be on the ground creating an inverted cone back to the object, and then to be able to track and follow the object’s every move at the same time.

I’m also planning on repositioning one of my security cameras that is currently pointing north in the upward direction in the hopes to gather more footage if the object decides to come back. This north direction would be pointing toward my pond in my backyard. It would be interesting to capture one gathering up water (for what purpose? I’m not sure), but I’ve heard reports of them using our water.

I’m hoping this thing comes back for another visit soon because it seems friendly too me. Maybe, It’ll drop off a superhero flying suit next time! Like on the 80’s TV Series, “The Greatest American Hero”. 🙂

Have any of you experienced anything similar to this?

Author (jcattera @ youtube)
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  1. this website is posting tons of ridiculous fakes, this instead is in my opinion the most interesting video this year, hope the author will keep investigating and let us know. That's a really good job, from the point of view of a seasoned professional photographer who had real sightings, everything match in this video, I believe it's genuine, and that is an intelligent controlled flying

    • Yes, this is one of the best videos I've seen in a very long time. I would put ALL my security cams on that field of vision.

  2. On sat.5oct.2013,I filmed four alien craft,hovering above St.Helen's,and look at my timeline for a pic.of no.1.I shall be publishing vid.soon,and will send link to you!Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,and Google,Robert Newton ufo,with pic's also!19mls.E,of Liverpool.

  3. It seems to be real but not sure. In 1955 in So. Ill near the Kentucky line l did have a similar experience over a lake while jug fishing with my cousin, after 11 pm. It was very much like the video. Seems real.

  4. &quot;I was on the look out for capturing a fireball. Since there&#39;s been a lot of fireballs reported all over the world in the last 3 weeks, I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this!&quot; <br /><br />Could the fireball be a controlled burn off of a nuclear warhead? How about the worldwide fireballs? Might some of them also be Boom Booms?&quot;

  5. i just love home security cameras! don&#39;t you just love home security cameras? they capture all kinds of things ! this video is excellent! the laser beam is just damn scary! what the heck was the alien intelligence scanning for?? only they know! real time, ( i mean a faster cam) would have been very amazing but that&#39;s ok!

    • Do people really give a shit what MUFON tards say? The fact remains that this person is close to an air national guard base and witnessed them testing out their new laser weapons. This happens all the time. It could be a branch of the NSA, just another way to spy on you and keep you scared. MUFON treats everything like it&#39;s alien when in fact it&#39;s your own people doing this, no one

    • Sir, let me tell u you don&#39;t have an idea about which tests r done by the military..It doesn&#39;t happen &quot; all the time &quot;..what u dont know really..I don&#39;t know what that is, but can only guarantee 100 % what is in this video isn&#39;t related to &quot;tests&quot; neither is related to any national security procedure Regards

  6. I don&#39;t see why military would run tests in a populated area where there could be people recording lol.<br /><br />Anyway- i have NOT seen this video because it was removed by the user???? anyone else know what happened to it? reply with links people!! lol<br /><br />email is : lonilove91 at gmail

  7. we are seeing a ufo at quite a farther distance than this the last 2 nights.oct 19 and 20th about 8;20 pm for at least 20 minutes each night.It has the same movement, side to side ,up and down and also make a cresent moon arcing pattern at times.My iphone pic shows a dome or orb with propulshion going from one side to the other.We have 6 people to watch it tonite.I don&#39;t know where to post

  8. I too live in the area ( approximately) but where this was filmed, it was almost on top of the Selfridge Air Base in Chesterfield, MI. It’s located in the city but it’s also extremely rural and right off the coast of Lake St. Clair ( the Lake is literally just a mile or so away from the Base). I don’t doubt the authenticity but we can’t be sure it’s not a military installation of some kind just based on location. I don’t personally believe that however, it may give the viewer a broader picture. Great share, thanks!

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