NASA UFO video: Fleet of UFOs flying away from Earth – 1991

This video shows us a live-recording by the STS-48 spaceshuttle using a far-ultraviolet spectrum camera. UV light cannot be seen by the human eye so the objects we see normally cannot be seen by the spaceshuttle crew. 
It was never NASA’s intention so show us, the public, this encounter with a group of UFO.
UFO clearly leaving Earth. Look how they pulsate, have different speeds and trajectories.
This video is the result of experimental forensic super resolution video applications and has become factor 10 sharper and the image more stable. After the SR-processing, pixels have been repositioned and surrounding pixels new interpolated so the video is no longer blocky.

STS-48 was a Space Shuttle mission that launched on 12 September 1991 and landed on 18 September.

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  1. it's amazing how far technology has come since 1991! so old looking! if it wasn't nasa's intention to show this to the public, then who got their hands on it and how did it get to the public? it's a great film with many ufos taking off! fascinating!

  2. What does nasa say they are? and how did the film get to the public? may be a fake made up from a nasa film by someone, I think it would have been easy to fake and put out there and one other thing, way to many UFOs at one time going home or to a mother ship don't you think?

  3. About a year ago I reported a sighting made by me along with 6 other people present. We witnessed about 50 small UFO's heading south over Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Australia so a large number of ufo's is not uncommon. It may not be a regular occurence but it happens so I wouldn't doubt th8s video just on the number of craft.

  4. i think nasa wouldve blanked any ufo sightings to me it could be space debris or space junk flying up n down there airspace too many ufos to be true its keep an open mind stuff . good video but heavy if those are genuine ufos .

  5. I think it's space junk . Although it looks as though some of 'them' are going into orbit or just hovering once they flew into the sky.

  6. It still amazes me, the number of doubters out there.If one landed in there front yard they still would find some rediculous reason what it's doing there,maybe the neighbors have out of town guests or my favorite one "space junk" has fallen from the sky.It's A REALITY PEOPLE, stop fighting it.There not going anywhere, they"re here…

  7. If one would really look at the vidio, one would plainly see that all the objects are going in the same direction, and in the opposite direction of the shuttle. It tells me its obviously space debries in orbit with the sun reflecting off it. Don't let wishful thinking overcome intelegent obsevation. I'm not a scheptic, have seen one that was oviously real myself.

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