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Your UFO reports: 12th October –  19th October 2013
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Vidor, Tx – 10-19-13
I never really believed in all this but tonight me and a friends seen thing unexplainable, I seen craft fly across the sky and suddenly stop and hover for hours. Many of them I seen, over 30 I know. What I thought was the North star,, it was a lil to bright I thought, and eventually it kinda slowly moved off quite a ways and then decended close to Eath are to say below the trees, eventually it rose back up , this time not bright like a star but it had the same white and blue lights blinking and much larger than the others and slowly flew off. I cant believe this my self what I seen. This was in Vidor,Tx right after dark. I will say I now believe and know they are out there and watching us,,,, This is a true story, I promise..

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Boca Raton Florida south of Boca Raton airport – 10-19-2013 12:40hrs
Two sets of red lights moving together then moving straight up fast and out of view. Called airport and was told “cant confirm or dismiss your what you saw sir”

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Orange County, CA – 15th Oct 2013
A mysterious glowing Orb moves through the sky intelligently and clearly moves at directions it wishes, the object was spotted by someone who who caught it passing overhead so he grabbed his phone and recorded the glowing Orb.
Witness Statement: Light in the sky. Don’t know what it is. Flying low and slow hovering and then fly’s away.

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Redondo Beach, CA – 10/08/2013

I was going out on my balcony about 7pm in the evening to get some air. It was dusk. I looked out towards Redondo Beach,CA (I live about 2 miles inland in Torrance, CA). There was a very large object, sphere like changing directions and flashing lots of lights, blue, white, red lights. It caught my eye and did not look like any plane or blimp. I ran and got my camera. By the time I flashed the first pic it was starting to go behind the clouds. Thick black clouds were moving in from the west. Beyond the lights is the ocean, Redondo Beach trench. Normally planes don’t fly this low. And, Blimps don’t fly at night in L.A. Not the first time I saw one. So, I keep my eye out and camera ready. There’s a total of 2 photos. 2 are blow ups of the object. i can only upload 1 pic I guess.

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Markham, IL – 7-10-2012 2:00AM

This was taken July 10 2012 at 2:00 AM, while I was taking a cigarette break at my work. There is a tree line in the picture that is almost hidden by a heavy fog rolling in,you can just see the tops of the trees.
The picture was taken with a Polaroid 7.0 megapixel digital camera with the delayed shutter mode on. This fog rolled in then about 25 ships, with no sound and flashing a hot pink. Came soaring over the tops of the trees at an incredible speed and shot eastward leaving trails.
There was Mother ships in tow with the flashing ships. If you save this picture with a good photo program and zoom in along the top of the trees. You will see one ship flashing pink and another one grey that stopped flashing,both with lights around their sides and Mother ships that are larger and white. This shot was taken when the sighting was almost over so you will see trails of the ships before these shooting eastward. I would say traveling at very incredible speeds and if you notice all saucer shaped.

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Switzerland – this sumer (2013)
please check the file dates for date i passing only on



Trout Creek, MT – early January about 11:30 pm
Husband and I just entered our hot tub. Jets were not running and all was quite. We both settled down in the water and happened to both be gazing at our guest house. A lighted ball came flying about 15′ off the ground. It flew straight and passed through an area where the lights from our house was shining on the trees. As it passed through the light it shown brighter giving the impression that it was metal and reflected light. It just flew straight through the trees and was gone. About a week later talking to our neighbors they reported seeing a light at the end of their long drive-way about the same time. Only the light stopped at the end of their driveway flew up and down, vertically, and then flew away horizontally. We agreed that it was small about the size of a large grapefruit. It did not flash or shine a beam of light; it was only glowing white.

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Hershey, Pa. – 10-20-2011toPresent
I’ve been documenting through visual media, activities of highly advanced biological entities that do not fit within the frequently encountered parameters of the Grays. This species is complex, multicellular, and self illuminating via bioluminescence. They are capable of flying, floating, and moving about on the ground level with shape-shifting acumen, and I have loads of evidence to prove their existence with both still frames and video. I did submit a report a couple years ago when I started to embark on my own personal investigation which is still underway. The date and large span of time between them is on the account of a continuance of my own personal project, recording design of strange biological formations, and also a friendly visual exchange between us that occurs on a regular schedule, usually in the early evening, when I set up my tripod, and signal my presence by turning on lamps or flashlights, which is how I initiated these contact sessions. I’m trying to get serious consideration from James Fox and his movie “701” because I’m 62 years old and still trying to get a degree in
Art. I consider my material life-changing and worthy of scientific review, although I’m not holding my breath. I’ll attach some stills extracted from my videos which are numbered. My Youtube Channel is Walter Wray Jr. note: I tried to upload photos but your security image response is troublesome, watch my YouTube submissions instead.

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